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14% increase in Dominican Republic’s minimum wage

14% increase in Dominican Republic’s minimum wage

Map of Hispaniola

Business and labor representatives in the Dominican Republic agreed on a 14% increase to the general minimum wage. This proposal came from their Mejia regime to end a long impasse in their minimum wage talks.

Unions in Santo Domingo called it a victory for workers, even though the increase was less than they demanded. Labor representatives sought a 25% increase.

Business sectors were not able to convince labor to approve the reclassification of companies. The reclassification would especially benefit small business that now pays the same minimum wage as large business, even in cases where special sector schemes apply.

The government said that the reclassification of companies would be discussed in 60 days.

Employers were reportedly not happy with the decision and said that they would shortly call a press conference.

The minimum wage for big business is now at RD $17,610, medium-sized business level is RD $12,107 and small company minimum wage is RD $10,728 per month.


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