Advancements in Gaming Technologies

Casinos have always managed to keep up with technological advancements and they are always looking into new methods in how to deliver a better experience for the player. When the internet became available for the masses, the casino industry saw the potential of how the internet could be the perfect medium to reach more people.

The Internet

In the past, gambling was mostly done inside land-based casinos but now, they are available to everyone with access to the internet. Most of the casino games found online were developed to be played on PC. The major game changers were smartphones and their sudden appearance determined gaming companies to push towards optimizing their games for the mobile platforms.

Because most people are now using mobile phones, their games needed to be optimized and newer ones were developed in such a way that can be seamlessly played on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Today, almost any game can be easily played on a smartphones and there are many online casinos out there that offer a large variety of gaming options. Many casino websites are mostly focused on a particular type of games such as: slots, poker, or betting games. Other websites such as GameTwist Casino is home to a large catalogue of games, each type of game placed in it’s own category and each one of those categories filled with a variety of games.


Probably the biggest innovation to come in the gambling industry would be blockchain technology. This technology could be the biggest game changer to the casino industry. The sudden growth of bitcoin and other virtual currencies has had a huge impact on businesses around the world.

Security may be the most important aspect of any online casino and improvements are always welcomed. In many situations, when creating an account in an online casino, it is requested that players provide a lot of personal details in order to create and verify their accounts. The beauty of blockchain is that it offers players anonymity. Players no longer have to give up their personal information making it a huge hinder for hackers to access the users’ data.

Open Mindness

Microgaming is the leader in the industry when it comes to innovation. It’s only fitting, as they were the ones that made it online for the first time, back in the 90’s when it all started. Like other growing companies in the industry, Microgaming has made great efforts in order to ensure collaboration between many teams in the business. They came up with a business idea in order to ensure that innovations were being made and they have always said that they are open minded. The business idea was called Idea Factory.

The idea consisted of 4 steps, or 4 rounds. An idea is presented and approved by a committee through votes. After an idea has been approved, it will be given 2 weeks to expand and develop more in order to gain support from the selection committee. What follows is the idea is given three months to do whatever it takes in order to make sure that it’s feasible, after which it will be presented to senior members of the company, who decide which ideas can will get built.

Final Thoughts

Among these innovations there is also the adoption of other technologies such as VR and AR. These technology can offer players a more immersive experience and there are implemented in other industries, such as the video game industry. With the passing of time, many new technological improvements will surely appear and nobody can predict how the industry will evolve further. One thing is for sure, the casino industry has no shortage of ideas and smart minds when it comes to driving innovation.

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