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Games for Globetrotters: Fun and Inspiration

Games for Globetrotters: Fun and Inspiration

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Travel is a popular adventure undertaken by many, yet one not always simple to organise. Booking transport, hotels, activities and anything else desired takes time and money, especially in popular destinations. 

According to TrekkSoft, London was a favorite among 4.63% of US travellers in 2017, while 5.97% chose Paris and 6.06% Reykjavik. As frustrating as it may be trying to settle on a worthwhile location to visit, the internet has many sources of inspiration, unrelated to travel agencies or forums. Games are a good method of letting a relaxed heart and mind select the destination. Here are some examples of geography-themed entertainment to excite the imagination.

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Specifically developed titles are not the only place where a traveller can find ideas. Websites often provide amusement with global travel backdrops, such as Finding Mr Green, a special series of events on the Mr Green Club Royale VIP membership program that focuses on its best slot games alongside world destinations. The fourth part of the series, for example, which paired Wolf Gold with Spain, would inspire players with images of sunny beaches, tapas and flamenco dancing. From there, a more personalised search online would yield a range of Spanish places and opportunities to dive into.


Then there are actual gaming programs designed to expand geographical awareness. Learning while playing is, in fact, a well-known educational tool, which also develops travellers’ hunger to experience the places they only see on their screens. Google Play offers World Geography as a highly rated option. It is not just the 6000 questions on 400 different countries, regions and islands that makes the title special, but the fact that players are allowed to test themselves as they wish through 26 quiz options, including national emblems, mottos, population and heads of state. Such a torrent of global information is ideal for the budding adventurer.

Google Earth

This software is the epitome of online maps with developers who enjoy upgrading their creation through intriguing collaborations. The latest of these, in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego, a series of games based on the popular 1985 PC title. The first installment, The Crown Jewel Caper, involves the player trying to locate the famous thief by questioning locals and travelling to different places based on the clues given. The allure of this revival is that the locations and landmarks are all detailed Google Earth images. Despite the downside of having no sound, as pointed out by The Verge, it does add flare to the already entertaining exploration of the digital map.

Pxhere Source UK
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A playful break from stressful searching is capable of achieving three things: relaxation, geographical education and travel inspiration. If typical tourism services fail to provide these comforts, the internet is here to help with its wealth of fun activities, from games to interactive maps, that can give travellers an extra imaginative push into discovering destinations that arouse their curiosity. At the end of the day, every stage of the planning process can be made easier with the assistance of the digital world.

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