A former Prime Minister of Barbados appears to have been stumped by The Bajan Reporter on necessary or unnecessary Government spending.

Look who attended, even Opposition Leader Rev. Joe Atherley was there, while no members of the current Cabinet….

This was during a panel discussion reviewing the first phase of BERT the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation programme approved by the IMF – International Monetary Fund, this was held recently at the Ralph Carnegie Law Lecture in the Cave Hill Campus.

During the opening ambit from former Prime Minister <strong>Owen Arthur</strong>, he declared a need for Government Ministers to control their spending.

During the opening ambit from former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, he declared a need for Government Ministers to control their spending.

In reminding the now Professor of this statement, asked Mr Arthur how did he justify during his stewardship of the Bajan economy during 1994 to 2007 the tens of millions spent on Greenland, the landfill that never was – this was the ex-leader’s initial response; –

In asking this question many members of the Audience gave audible hisses and gasps of disapproval at the line of questioning… Nevertheless, in not being satisfied with the response, The Bajan Reporter sought clarification on Ministerial spending using the white elephant of Greenland as a benchmark, yet all Mr Arthur could say; –

Dr Keith Nurse then proceed to give a general admonition to the audience how to keep questions germane to the presentation, where openly responded and stated it was based on Prof. Arthur’s comments, he said he was not speaking to me, but I shot back I am answering him regardless, it was at this point the wise academic shut up and sat back down! I still have the audio, if anyone chooses to verify?

It is not the first time Mr Arthur’s recollections have been under question, he is now to appear in the law courts this year based on comments he made during the election campaign of April 26th to May 23rd last year where he made certain suggestions concerning the father of the current Prime Minister, remarks which have him in hot legal waters.

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