Letter for Editor: (Open Letter to Transport Min.) by Dr Victor Eastmond

In the words of Barrack ObamaThere’s no set of issues we can’t solve if we are working together and we are true to our traditions.”

These words also refer to Barbados, but I would like to add the words “and disciplines” to finish that sentence. If we all put our hands to the plough, many hands will make light work and although we are looking at some hard times ahead, it is up to Barbadian to think of Barbados I must quote Winston Churchill when he said “Think not of what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country“.

To achieve this, discipline has to be an important part of such a plan for our future development. My observation on reflection is that discipline must be an integral part. Although we had an issue with cyclists not wearing helmets, every cyclist I saw for the next week had on his/her helmet when this was highlighted, However, some weeks later, the situation returned to the “No-Helmet” affair and we need to ask the question why?

One afternoon, I have witnessed a ZR van parked on a pedestrian-crossing located in close vicinity to a major road. A marked police vehicle stopped and spoke to the driver who removed the van from the location and turned left along the established route. The police vehicle departed and within 2 minutes, the van reversed through the major stop and returned to its original position on the pedestrian crossing. Now that is indiscipline!

I am therefore pleased to hear that the new bus terminals will be monitored in the hope that law and order can be maintained. I am extremely happy that my colleague, Dr Duguid, has spoken strongly in the hope that we can see some disciple being practiced. I must say however that although some of the ZR indiscipline is created by passengers who wave the vans to a halt a few meters from a bus stop. On the other hand, situations arise when some drivers have been considerate in looking after the elderly and going off-route to drop them at their front door ‘come rain or shine’. This will have to be recognised as a courtesy to some elderly persons who have mobility issues and need such assistance.

My final point happened on “Emancipation Day” when one Minister used the opportunity to decry what took place in the past and in doing so attempted to bring the racial divide as a focal point. Was he trying to continue the divide and rule situation that existed in the past? I was extremely pleased to read that Minister John King put some plaster on that mouthing and used his presentation to address the country into togetherness rather than lingering on past issues.

I believe President Obama’s words will ring true if we can only adhere to our traditions and discipline by stop the lawlessness and focus with an Onward and Outward outlook.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Victor H. Eastmond GCM

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