Chapuys suggests that because More “is opposed to Cromwell“, that means that More is therefore in favour of Spain, implying that if he is not for Cromwell, then he is for Spain. Chapuys asks his attendant: “There’s no third alternative?

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Nothing frightens a crude politician more than when he encounters either a voter or journalist who’s well educated, Gods forbid if the smart individual both votes and is a blogger or other Fourth estate practitioner? To pigeonhole such a person as either one party or the next makes life easier.

When you have Independent entities like Jesse Ventura who was Governor of Minnesota almost 15 years ago, he scared American policymakers since he could side with Democrats one day and Republicans the next…

Over the years I offended most political parties in this country with my views and editorials – like the time with the BLP when they had their internal wars over Mia or Owen as head of the Great Combination and I was seen as a rogue element for not liking Arthur (still don’t, but guess he’s happy with dictatorial Melba Smith as Chair of CBC? Ye Gods!), it didn’t bother me as I was looking at what was good for the country and not the party.

I also tore the DLP to shreds for betraying Errol Barrow’s policies of free education and free healthcare yet subsidised through relevant taxation. I said so time and again and was banned from the DLP’s Facebook groups. I have even had Solutions Barbados advertise on my website and all mainstream parties wondered if I was AWOL, I merely exercised my rights to a free market and engaged with a political party willing to use my platform to promote their agenda, they got 2.7% of the electorate and the United Progressive Party did not – guess who spent their advertising dollars wisely?

Yes, during the last election campaign I exercised my right to how I think people should vote, but where is that a crime? Did not Irene Sandiford-Garner openly brag at St Michael Secondary in November last year how while she wrote a column for Nation Publishing she was writing speeches for Richard Sealy on the sly? If she as a newspaper article composer can be so sneaky then my open choice for the current 29-1 seating should be considered laudable while her deeds are a form of quiet treachery?


The reason I laid all of this preamble is when I chose to attend the DLP’s 63rd Annual Conference, while I knew the ride would be bumpy I did not feel it would be nonstop calumny? It was not unlike attending a convention of Trump clones…

Granted he did not call the 8th Prime Minister by name, but he implied she back-stabbed Dominica over Ross University transferring here. Wonder how he felt when Roosevelt Skerrit (their PM) said it wasn’t Mia’s fault?

As I start walking into the George Street Auditorium, immediately I hear ancient stalwarts (Ever notice how few young people support the DLP? Usually it’s a bunch of oldsters probably from when Barrow broke away from the BLP) start screaming how Ian Bourne arrived and so put him out, this was repeated at least five times while I’m heading for the Auditorium, eventually I yelled back at them…

Now you know why ya lost!

I was looking to ascertain which President was addressing supporters and the Media, was it outgoing or the incoming leader? Before George Pilgrim can answer me, John Boyce butts in and says in loud voice “IANBARBADOS LABOUR PARTYBOURNE!” then tells me I don’t understand the South Coast Sewerage Crisis and it is more complicated… I interject, “Would I understand it better if I swam in it like you?

The aging stalwarts are no longer kept cool by huge wind machines, instead just a few standing fans like what you see at S.Y. Adams on Swan St?

The former Health Minister’s eyes bulged and he says how he wished he had a camera when my folding chair broke at George Lamming Primary last year, so I said to him while poor George Pilgrim is trying to referee both of us?

“I will do like your former illustrious leader and use some Latin… QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM, ask him – he’ll verify it! It means ‘THUS I PROVE MY POINT!‘”


What I am curious about is why is it okay when a reporter decides to help the DLP but it’s bad when another appears to support the Bees? I mean Irene Sandiford Garner did it, don’t take my word for it, here she is last year in November at St Michael School on 12th November;

As if that wasn’t enough? Richard Sealy also confirmed that same Nov. 12th what the one-time Nation columnist did while still in employ of the daily periodical;

The ironic thing is I am not interested in Bees nor DEM’s? I am interested in the future of all Barbados as a country. I have voted Bee, I voted DLP, I did not vote and even spoiled my ballot as protest, but every time I have been politically involved, I did not vote in a solitary manner all my days like a ruminant.

Even the same Sealy accused me of “doing Dixie” when interviewing Kerrie Symmonds the day before (Sat. 11/08/2018) and made it a public diatribe which he included while supposedly saluting the media. Anyone who follows my social media postings knows I did not approve when Kerrie kept insulting Freundel Stuart with a rodent’s posterior and other epithets.


What also annoyed me was how the press were ejected yet before learning who was the new President, outgoing General Secretary George Pilgrim asks if we have the speech (We had to take pictures of the pages of the sole copy extant, wh’appen? No Xerox?) and when we confirm, then he says how we are free to go? I asked about the results and he claims they had not finished counting plus that was why he asked for our eMail addresses so he will send the results.

Ninja Man - Homeless Character

I’m still waiting for that eMail to indicate if a Harrisonian who debates juvenile taunts is now the official leader? Honestly, this poor behaviour and nonstop insults are endemic to the massive defeat the DLP suffered at the hands of the Bees who, for the most part, stayed away from name or blame calling and discussed issues and so far have sought to try and fulfill most of their campaign promises.

Not looking at Value Added Tax nor seeking to mollify how the Cave Hill Campus had a paid tuition which was counter to the dreams of the late Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow and instead screaming how the opposition leader was Madea with a tablecloth on her shoulder and the rest of the party don’t worship God or are gun runners… Seriously? And you truly expected people to accept wunna for yet another term?

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