Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri: A Single Mother, Who Managed to Become a Star

Victoria Rubadiri: A Single Mother, Who Managed to Become a Star

Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri, a strong kind hearted woman with a reach volunteer experience. Find out how Victoria got on with teenage rejection after moving to the States, got pregnant at a very young age and why Victoria decided to move back to Kenya. These and many other facts you will be able to learn from the following article.

Victoria Rubadiri biography

This beautiful woman was born in Kenya on January 28, 1987, which means Victoria Rubadiri is now over 30. When she was only 10 years old, Victoria Rubadiri’s family decided to search for a better life in the USA. The future Kenyan star was educated and started her career in USA, until in 2010 Victoria Rubadiri biography continued in Kenya.

During one of her interviews, Victoria shared some facts about her nationality. Victoria Rubadiri mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin. Her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and grandmother was a mix of Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Victoria Rubadiri father is a Malawian. That is why presenter is such a unique, unusual beauty.

Educational background

Victoria Rubadiri is a very educated woman. From 1999 till 2003, she was a student at Atlantic City High School. She managed to get a Bachelor degree of Arts Broadcast Journalism. Straight after graduation Victoria entered Temple University as an undergraduate student. In 2009, she graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism.

Career history

Victoria Rubadiri job history has begun during her university years. In 2007, she started working as an Intern and Assignment Desk Editor at WMGM-NBC 40 TV. She used to write texts for the evening news programs and was a field news reporter. In 2008 Victoria started working as a personal assistant of Angela Crockett, founder and CEO of Angela Crockett Enterprise Inc. She used to write proposals, press releases and official letters. However, television business was still more attractive to her, and Victoria started working as a pioneer News Presenter at the Capital TV channel.

Her popularity grew after Vicky started working for Capital FM as a Business Journalist and a news Presenter in 2012. Later, Victoria managed to open her own show, called “Victoria’s Lounge“, where she was a producer and a presenter. Victoria Rubadiri’s lounge has become one of the most popular TV shows.

Now you can observe this beautiful woman at Nation Media Group, where she works as an anchor and news reporter. Besides her presenter position, Victoria Rubadiri works as a script and stories editor for news broadcasts.

Personal Life

At eighteen, the only things that matter are which party to attend on Friday, what cocktail to try etc. However, Victoria had quite a different experience. Celebrity presenter shared some intimate facts from her personal life to Catherine Odera of True Love Magazine.

Victoria Rubadiri’s parents moved to the USA, when Vicky was only ten years old. The young girl found it difficult to become a part of new society and culture. It was hard for her to find friends in a new place, and Vicky began to behave like a loner, closed in a cocoon. When she finally decided to open herself to a guy she met, he made her pregnant. Victoria was so scared and desperate, that she wanted to make an abortion.

When Victoria Rubadiri‘s father learned about his daughter’s pregnancy, he forbade her to have an abortion. Her baby father, didn’t want to know anything about Victoria, her pregnancy and their baby. However, as time passed, the couple managed to improve their relationships. Victoria Rubadiri’s child is now living with her mother in Kenya.

Victoria Rubadiri and her daughter decided to move back to Kenya in 2010. Vicky explained her choice to leave USA. She just wanted to make a better life for her daughter, and Kenya would be a much better place for that. Victoria Rubadiri’s husband fully supports his baby mama and loves when they both visit him in New Jersey.

This strong woman has overcome a lot of problems, managed to raise a happy child all by herself, build a successful career and charm us all with her cheerful smile from the television screens. Victoria Rubadiri can be a good role model for every young mother, that are afraid to give birth at such a young age. She proved, that children are not a problem in building a successful career.

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Source: TUKO – Kenyan news

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