In the interests of fair play, I am making all and sundry aware the matter has suddenly been solved… After numerous messages on Instagram plus voice mails etc. Only after I carried the issue to Facebook and my website was the matter laid to rest.

They claim my former Flow landline was still operational and charges only kicked in this year. However, in a gesture of ‘no hard feelings,’ the charges will be reversed.

Oh, and my cell which everyone knows, was bumped off when their mobile crashed and a new unit replaced what was before. H’mm, isn’t my number listed in Advertise With Us and that’s how folks call me everywhere? I guess I have to give ‘the benefit of the doubt?’ 😉


(ATTN: So this part is now redundant but stays up for record keeping purposes, just in case…) It is no state secret when Flow used to advertise with BajanReporter.com it was on a basis of Contra – I got TV, Landline & Internet in exchange for Advertising, I still have the initial Columbus contract then the subsequent renewal just before LIME bought them over (back).

Last year I was told (after I was openly and vehemently against the Columbus LIME deal) my contract perks would be over as of 31st May 2017 by Damian Mascoll and LIME has the right to conclude with or without a contract. He sent me a paper notice in the mail and I cannot find it now, may have tossed it out…

I immediately switched to Digicel Play but I still received Flow notices which I ignored because they’re in the minuses… Until this year, $200 then $300 and now over $500 (text of latest to follow and screenshot attached) please read following…

“Name: IAN BOURNE Account: ***013** Balance: 513.61

“Hello, This is a courtesy message from Flow to inform you that your account is currently overdue and as a result your services may be impacted within the coming days.

It is important that your bill is paid within 24 hours of receiving this message to avoid any disruptions in your service, or incurring any additional fees.
If your account is up-to-date, please disregard this notice. However, if you have not received a bill or have any questions regarding your charges, please contact us at 1-800-804-2994.

For your convenience we offer several payment options:

All Flow retail stores
Online Banking
Online via www.discoverflow.co
Via the ‘My Flow’ app
You can also call 1-800-804-2994 and pay using a VISA or MasterCard.”

Thank you for choosing Flow!” At no point does it offer advice for disputing a bill?

Now I saw Anthony Jordan at the Canadian High Commission earlier this month and mentioned it, he said Fwd it to his eMail the next time I get a copy. He also says I will still get billed if I keep the box, no one ever says this to me and I say so, he says carry the box in to Windsor Lodge ASAP.

(I am not surprised since LIME when I reported my mother’s death in 2012 asked me if I’m settling her bill, so I asked will they disconnect her or send a bailiff to exhume her body?)

When I carry said box to Windsor Lodge they asked for the remote, I had no idea where it was, they were flimsy remotes I had to keep buying replacements from the same FLIME/LIME/SLOW and they said the remotes are THEIRS even though I am BUYING them to replace the prior shoddy item, I was told the remote remains the property of LIME at all times. That reminds of the boy who says he’s not out because the bat and ball are his and so are the stumps.

I call Mr Jordan back and he says Mascoll is next to him and so he’ll sort out the rest. I figured the demon is exorcised, hah, like Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees? So I eMail him yet again and check the reply now…

Hi Ian,

Have you returned the FLOW equipment to Windsor Lodge or Sky Mall? Any outstanding balances left after the services are terminated have to be settled.” UhYOU as in CWC terminated the services not me!

HOW DO I SETTLE THAT WHICH I AM NOT USING? From May 29th last year I was on Digicel Play even to Landline, so let me make this plain? I AM NOT PAYING ONE GREEN FIVE CENT PIECE TO LIME! My Landline and Internet are Nada from CWC or whatever! Just to be sure we’re Understood? This is going on both Facebook & BajanReporter.com as well? I cannot even complain to anyone I used to know as all the Columbus people were routed by CWC, sigh!

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