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In the very near future, Barbadians will have easy access to premium decadent cakes, following the relaunch of the Cravings line of products from Purity Bakeries.

Along with tasting the delicious new flavours, customers will see new packaging, an updated simple, elegant logo and a general new look to the product. The product will also be kept in chilled conditions, as there is now a light whipped topping that replaces the sugared icing.

The new recipe was developed by a team headed by Award winning Pastry Chef Ron Maynard and tested with customers in several trials which gave valuable consumer feedback and further helped to fine tune the ultimate premium product.

“We originally took the product off the market to work on improving it as we saw the potential for it to do more and be a good revenue earner for us” stated Marketing Manager of Purity Bakeries Tia Best. “We also saw it as an opportunity to expand and diversify our product range over and above the traditional products normally offered by a bakery. We are very pleased with the response to our trials, as most people loved them and didn’t think that they came from a commercial bakery” she added.

The product will be available in four initial flavours – Vanilla Coconut, Mango Passion, Red Velvet and Chocolate Mousse, but other flavours will be added to the range and there will be limited edition and seasonal flavours included from time to time.

The new line was introduced over the weekend to Purity Bakeries partners and staff at a function at the Bakery entitled ‘Cravings and Cocktails.’ The product will initially be obtainable exclusively at the Purity Bakeries Bread and Pastry Shoppe and then be widely available through Purity’s extensive distribution network, in gas stations and supermarkets by mid-July and will be sold by the wedge. Whole cakes are available on special order by calling the Bakery.

The product will also be seen at various premium all-inclusive crop over events, as it is introduced to the various target groups.

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