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Private sector urged to support primary schools with ‘Conceive, Create, Cultivate’

Private sector urged to support primary schools with ‘Conceive, Create, Cultivate’

Berger audience

The Barbadian private sector is being urged to unite in support of “Conceive, Create, Cultivate“, a new initiative seeking to harness the power of a cheerful and colourful environment to stimulate greater achievement in Barbados’ primary schools.

Speaking recently at the Westbury Primary School, Mr. Shashi Mahase, General Manager of Berger Paints Barbados Ltd., the Company spearheading the Initiative, said inspiring achievement was at the heart of the move to beautify primary school classrooms, with the help of PTAs, NGOs, and other private sector sponsors.

Berger believes that creating a positive, cheerful environment, full of beautiful colors that create lasting beauty and protection, will stimulate young minds to create, develop and achieve more. We recognize that such could never be achieved by Government alone. The initiative sought to engage other responsible corporate citizens, who having understood Berger’s vision recognized an opportunity to make a positive contribution and immediately jumped on board,” Mahase stated.

The General Manager said the original target was to upgrade a total 68 schools, adding that to date 21 schools had been positively impacted. He called on the business community to join with Berger and others who had already contributed, in an all-out effort to reach the target. He especially thanked those companies already on board, singling out First Caribbean International Bank for their special effort.

Corporate involvement was supportive to the extent that where we suggested sponsors could contribute to three schools, some such as First Caribbean International Bank exceeded expectations as they opted to help eight schools. This is by no means meant to downplay the efforts of others but meant to encourage and inspire further support.”

Members of the audience and supporting sponsors attending the launch of “Conceive, Create, Cultivate”.

Mahase also reserved special commendation for the various Parent Teachers Associations providing the manpower necessary to complete projects under the “Conceive, Create, Cultivate” initiative.

“The coordination between the PTA’s, Principals, the Ministry and corporate Barbados could only augur well for the development of those school and its children who were the lucky recipients. This further emphasized the collaborative and inclusive efforts, which received resounding approval by the Chief Education Officer and certainly has gone a long way into kick starting this initiative and making it an early success.”

Conceive, Create, Cultivate promotes a three-pronged purpose of tapping into the conceptual abilities of primary school students, allowing them to express their creative ideas, and in so doing create a positive, physical environment that is more conducive to stimulating their minds. The Initiative aims to use colour and dimension with paint and stencils, to beautify at least five classrooms per school in collaboration with the National School Awards programme, principals, students, Parent Teacher Associations, and members of the Barbadian private sector. Corporate sponsors contributing so far have included Berger Paints, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Rubis, KFC, AOne Supermarkets, Scotiabank, Cave Shepherd, COT, and Consolidated Finance.

Other speakers at the launch at the Westbury Primary School included Principal Ms. Rosalind Gittens; Chairman of the National School Awards Programme, Mr. Anthony Marshall; Senior Education Officer, Mrs. Christina Morris; President of Principals Association of Public Primary Schools, Mrs. Marielon Gamble; President of the Barbados National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, Mr. Shone Gibbs; and Director Retail Banking Channels CIBC, Mrs. Michelle Whitelaw.

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