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anthony bourdain kae spade suicide prevention tmz getty

The Int’l Women’s Resource Network is calling on leaders and corporate stakeholders globally, to urgently consider investing more into civil society groups whose work is focused on psycho-social issues such as depression, mental health, relationship challenges and financial instability, as these are some of the major triggers of suicide incidents. Unfortunately, the world is wired to believe that once someone is wealthy with tons of material gains, happiness is their ultimate; but this is not the reality as seen last week with the loss of two international celebrities – Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

Materialism by itself, does not equate to that internal fulfillment required for our spark; they’re simply additives. Recent suicide data emanating from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows close to 800,000 persons die, due to suicide every year which equates to one person in every 40 seconds; the data also shows that many more attempt suicide.

The organization is making an urgent plea for individuals to begin introspecting within their personal spaces and really deep dive into the way they connect with those closest to them; many times “how are you” responses are indicators that something is wrong, as well as cries for help.

The IWRN further notes, that through its experience and work with families and intimate relationships, individuals who are honest and open-minded about their emotional realities, usually seek help if required. However, in many other instances, people prefer to mask their situations for fear of of being ridiculed or even ostracized.

According to IWRN’s President, Adriana Sandrine Isaac-Rattan “many people feel emotionally trapped primarily because they’re afraid of their own self-expressions that are related to a number of issues including but not limited to sexuality, religion and belief system; once people believe that their freedom of expression is being compromised, they rescind into cycles of depression which may advance into suicidal attempts.”

Following the deaths of Spade and Bourdain, there were many calls from social media platforms in particular, for people who may be suicidal or depressed to speak out; however, the IWRN believes that it is pointless to request potential victims to share their pain if neither the environment and/or the persons with whom the information is being shared are unable to provide the required support and intervention.


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