“‘Mia and Team BLP’ – Right Leader, Right Mix, Right Time” By Henderson N. Bovell

The same people who said that they will not cheat, steal or lie – kept telling the country that the economy stable. But when they could no longer hide the truth, they again started blaming a global crisis that had finished years ago. Meanwhile faced with that same global crisis, most similar regional economies performed and continue to out- perform Barbados under DLP rule.

Henderson N. Bovell is a former Chair of the National Assistance Board; Mr Bovell is also a noted social commentator and contributor to Radio Call-In programmes

Our economy and Barbados are badly weakened: a consequence of irresponsibility on the part of some and everyday brings further evidence that this out-going dlp administration was on the wrong path. Printing millions of dollars and dipping into the national insurance fund to prop-up an economy in serious trouble – was never going to be a good idea. The DEMs have now gone from the ridiculous to the absolute insane: the fire-side sale of state assets to pay bills. Anytime a country has to borrow money to pay salaries, something wrong! All of the indicators of crisis were there but the DEMs’ reality has always been about: short cuts, smear, gimmicks and fiscal recklessness.

Even if it took 19 downgrades and junk bond status, thankfully, there are still some Barbadians who have the courage and decency to say: this is not the way it was supposed to be and that, things should be different and better. We must never tire or be afraid of addressing this country’ biggest challenges, for the greater good. This is the unfinished legacy that calls to the Labour Party.

We recall that one of the first things it did when elected back in 2008 was to put its people in positions within the government and yet this same dlp refuses to own the crisis within the economy, which it skillfully manufactured by not being equipped. Everywhere you look, there is now work to be done and mess to be cleaned up.

The crisis within our economy calls for serious action to lay a new foundation for growth, create jobs and to ensure the return of credibility confidence and trust. Mia Mottley understands and she cares. She knows what to do and is not afraid to make tough decisions, for the greater good. Mia is the leader Barbados needs.

The DEMs are weak and afraid. The ground has and continues to shift under them: they have failed Barbados and they know it, even if they are not ashamed or embarrassed. They had the biggest government ever, yet succeeded only in manufacturing an unprecedented crisis and in creating unnecessary hardship for Barbadians. They failed to spend wisely and reform their bad habit – then tried to govern by silencing dissent.

But for as much as the BLP can do and must do, it is ultimately the trust confidence and determination of each eligible voter, first – upon which a lot will depend.

The challenges facing this country may be new, the instruments with which we meet them may also be new but the tenets on which our success depends: honestly, hard work, courage, patriotism and the justness’ of our cause, are old:¬†What is required of all of us now is a new era of responsibility – a recognition that we have duties to Barbados and the CSME – duties that we do not grudgingly accept but seize gladly knowing that there is nothing more satisfying to the spirit; more defining to our character – than giving our all to a difficult task or a cause (in the national interest) without any desire or lust for recognition or reward.

It is therefore with humble gratitude that we must accept this difficult assignment – firm in the knowledge that God calls on the Barbados Labour Party to shape Barbados’ uncertain destiny.

So let us mark this day as the turning point, firm in the knowledge that at this defining moment when a government -in-waiting could only offer: a strong leader, sound policies, a clear vision and the credible promise of a brighter tomorrow – based on its unmatched skills, competence to execute and, an excellent record of service – that alarmed at the absolute horror of doing other than voting for the BLP on May 24th, eligible voters ‘got on board,’ and ‘acted to secure their future and re-imagine¬†Barbados.’

We must not lose sight of what has happened to Barbados and what needs to be done to correct this damage and re-position this country to make it strong again. This country lost 10 years under DLP rule and was set-back a lot further. Even the weak have moved ahead of Barbados. It is not about catching up but, re-imagining Barbados and laying a new foundation for the next high level of development. This is when skill and talent and pure natural brilliance becomes important: It is why Mia Mottley and Team BLP are the right mix to form the right government at the right time.

So, from St. John to St. Lucy, St. Philip to Christ Church, St. Michael to St. George; St. Thomas; St Andrew, St. Joseph and St. James and all across Barbados – whether you are a Barbadian, a Commonwealth Citizen or other but eligible to vote and work – let us roll up our sleeves and grab a showel; a mop or a broom because there is mess to be cleaned up and work to be done: Lets get to work for Barbados: Vote BLP.

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