Solutions Barbados’ Response to Mia Mottley – “We Are Not Family!

Solutions Barbados’ Response to Mia Mottley – “We Are Not Family!

The leader of the BLP reportedly described Solutions Barbados as a nephew of and supported by the DLP. She thinks that all parties are out to get her. She is entirely wrong.

The BLP and DLP can be described as a family. They share members and entertain us with their platform humour, but they are related. They have defined themselves as a separate political class, and have played a game of sharing the government since our Independence.

They convinced us that they knew what they are doing, but the IMF reports of their performance reveal that both parties have failed Barbados, and brought us to the brink of economic ruin. We now openly talk of devaluation and going through a severe IMF directed austerity.

Our Candidates have been invited to feed at their political trough. To their credit, every one of our Candidates have rejected their approaches. We have no fatted calf to slaughter, no political economy for supporters, and no berries for the party faithful. Any Solutions Barbados candidate who gives a voter one cent will be expelled.

In a Solutions Barbados administration, there will only be one economy, the Barbados economy. Everyone who participates can benefit, regardless of who they know or do not know.

Public workers will be promoted on merit alone. Any public worker who approves, denies, or delays an application for partisan political reasons will be fired and lose their pension. The public service will be depoliticised.

The political class structure will be dismantled. The lifetime pension arrangement for politicians will be abolished, and they will receive a contribution to their pension funds like any other employee.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

If Barbados’ political mess is not cleaned up, then we will all suffer. The other parties are related to each-other and will never vote against their selfish family interests. Solutions Barbados can clean up this mess because we are not a part of their family. Make the right choice Barbados!

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