André Shirai Vieira

New Amadeus Booking Features Offer Greater Control & Cost Reduction To Agencies

New Amadeus Booking Features Offer Greater Control & Cost Reduction To Agencies

André Shirai Vieira

In a competitive market with more and more new players making use of recent technology, travel agents need to ensure that their operations are the most efficient and that response times are the lowest possible for their travelers. Having effective quality control and reducing the number of ADMs is vital to maintaining the profitability of the agency.

Productivity Suite, and the newest module of features for customers of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, is composed of four tools that use data analysis of the booking in progress to help the performance of travel agents:

  • Smart Flows: this is programmed to help professionals to complete repetitive or complex tasks more efficiently
  • File Finishing: inserts mandatory elements in the PNR defined by the Agency at the time of issuing the ticket
  • Smart Triggers: creates custom rules triggered by standard or custom commands throughout the booking flow
  • Quality Monitor: checks file elements of bookings to ensure adherence to travel agency processes and to prevent errors

With this launch, Quality Monitor becomes the primary tool for quality control and reduction of ADMs in the travel market. It issues warnings that help agents to track the progress of their bookings and to apply manual or automatic corrections to the information entered, all in real time. These rules are set by the administrator of the agency, which can also be programmed so that the booking is automatically blocked if the established parameters are not met.

The result is a quality service in accordance with the highest standards, a reduction of the number of ADMs, increased efficiency and production of travel agents and, consequently, growth of the company’s net profits,” explains Amadeus’s Director of Marketing and Products in Latin America, André Shirai Vieira.

Productivity Suite has the flexibility to adapt to the unique structure of each agency, regardless of the complexity of the operation. “Innovation and disruption are occurring very quickly throughout the travel industry, and the travel agencies must adapt to this world that demands speed but does not accept loss of quality. This means adjusting strategies and operations to better serve the demands of today and tomorrow’s travelers. Productivity Suite allows agencies to improve their commercial processes and strengthen their position in a competitive market,” adds André Shirai Vieira.

In addition to establishing quality control to the extent desired by the management, the agency can also program Productivity Suite to remind the agent of hotel and car sales opportunities with an initial order by airline, which has an impact on the total revenue generated for each traveler.


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