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Boil water before use, so claims the Bridgetown US Embassy

Boil water before use, so claims the Bridgetown US Embassy

9 20180121 194041

The quality of drinking water in the South Coast appears to have been compromised by the ongoing sewerage problem…

Well, this is what some American diplomats are suggesting. The United States Embassy issued a health alert warning its citizens not to drink water directly from the taps, but boil it first or use bottled water.

Some US Embassy foreign officers live in and around the South Coast with the deputy chief of mission’s residence in Top Rock, while other properties are located in Enterprise and Durants.

This may well be the catalyst for the health alert. The alert did not specify any particular district with bacteria in the drinking water. Nor indeed how often their own private reservoirs are maintained?

Attempts to have further clarification from the US Embassy proved futile last night. James Rodriguez, the embassy’s public affairs officer, did not say which districts were tested, what bacteria was found, and if any embassy staffers became sick after drinking tap water.

It only recently came to light how Embassy staff have their own supply of water and there may be a question of proper maintenance at the core of the dispute, combined with USA’s threat to reprimand anyone going against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Barbados was one of 129 countries who sided against the Embassy’s 45th POTUS

When contacted, Minister of Health John Boyce said his ministry was looking at the US Embassy’s statement and would be preparing a response, but up to press time, it had not been received.

Several unsuccessful efforts were also made to contact officials from the Barbados Water Authority and the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, both said to be in meetings at that point.

The American warning comes five days after Minister Boyce made a statement at a ruling Democratic Labour Party meeting last weekend, two weeks after the US, Canada and the United Kingdom issued travel advisories on three successive days against Barbados because of the ongoing South Coast sewage crisis;-


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