“Thor: Ragnarok” When Gods Leave Puberty & Put Away Their Toys (SPOILER FREE)

Thor: Ragnarok decided to use the comedic twists of Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s formula.

Keith Urban was unrecognisable as Skurge the Executioner and a very good display of his skill set.

The movie will disappoint you if you are a mythological purist (in ancient times, Hela and the Fenris Ulf are two of Loki’s 3 children) and fanboys (the merging of Walt Simonsons adaptation of the Prose Edda and Planet Hulk story arc) but Jeff Goldblum as a dumbed down Grandmaster while funny, still played down his strategic prowess which earned him that name.

Despite comedic it has very heavy dramatic turns, with deaths of major characters which again would draw the ire of fanboys. The epic battle of Hulk Vs Thor on Sakaar will have people debating the end result for decades from now… Mark Ruffalo as a rather nerdy Banner was well played, and the trolling of the absent Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr was well executed.

Nevertheless the impact of such moves create the backdraft leading to Thor’s Coming of Age and finally accepting his one true mantle.

Take the film on it’s own merits and this is a rollicking epic triumph for a trilogy with room for a part 4…

If Skurge and the Valkyrie were there, where is Amora the Enchantress? What about the teaser at the end, a lead in for the Kree-Skrull war? Over to Brie Larsen? 6.5/10

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