Jekyll & Hyde – Lady Virtue 2017

This song speaks about people who pretends to be nice in your face and behind your back they are a completely different person.

Be careful with two-faced people, because it is hard to decide which face they are truly showing you.

Remember it’s not about who is real to your face, it’s about who stays real behind your back.

The energy of the music, the depth of the lyrics and the need for positive vibrations, called Juliana Sealy aka Lady Virtue to reggae music. A native of Barbados, known as the land of flying fish and cou cou, the brown pelican and the peacock flower, this multi-talented musician wants to instill her virtue into reggae music With a desire is to deliver quality music, with purposeful content and solid messages; Lady Virtue, has therefore chosen to embody the positive vibe and conscious theme in her music. A mantra pledged by her since singing in the choir at her Secondary School.

Lady Virtue was destined to have a musical career, having grown up in a home where Reggae and Gospel music blared loudly from the radio on Sundays. Lovindeer, Bob Marley, DJ Tiger, Tracy Chapman and Buju Banton soon became forces of influence as she embarked on her musical journey. “I started singing in my mother’s womb, so I am just continuing my journey. I was so shy, sometimes I still am, but the music has given my personality an outlet to shine”. Singing hymns on her secondary school choir tuned her vocals and prepared her for the rigours of the music industry.

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