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“Class-ism within the Democratic Labour Party” (Part 1)

“Class-ism within the Democratic Labour Party” (Part 1)

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In dismissing the DLP’s resolution, Edmund Hinkson said: “When you scraping at the bottom of the barrel you come up with those things“.

In his address themed, Elitism within the Democratic Labour Party, the Case for Mia Amor Mottley to become Prime Minister of Barbados, Hinkson also took the Prime Minister to task for suggesting during the DLP’s annual conference that Mottley as current BLP leader does not represent the average working class Barbadian.

“It is absolute folly and unchristian to speak about someone in terms of the accident of their birth.

“People have to be measured by the quality of their character, not by the colour of their skin or by whatever social class they might have been born in,” he suggested to Stuart.

“You will tell me that because Mia Mottley was born to be a lawyer and she is a Mottley she can’t be prime minister? he asked, adding “she ain’t ask to be born, and no one should ever be ashamed of who they born to.

“It is the strength of your character as you become an adult that is important, not the circumstances of your birth, whether rich or poor, white or black,” he insisted.

Pointing out that Mottley was a former attorney general and a Queen’s Counsel who had won cases at Privy Council as a constitutional lawyer, he insisted that a person must be judged by “the character that you possess, the quality that you possess, the passion that you possess to make life better for people, to do something for people other than for yourself and your friends and your immediate family”.

Therefore, “you cannot now question Mia’s competence to be Prime Minister of Barbados for her intellect or understanding,” Hinkson argued.

He pointed out that Mottley was identified from the late 1990s during her first term as a Cabinet minister and while still in her 20s as one of the 40 young global political leaders.

“There is no one who has ever come to the people of Barbados to ask humbly to become Prime Minister who has had the political and other life experiences of Mia Mottley,” he said, also recalling that she was chosen to be a senator back in 1991 before being elected parliamentarian from 1994 until the present. (FULL ARTICLE BY CLICKING here)

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