“Barbados Partners with Connecticut Polo Club” by Brian Major

“Barbados Partners with Connecticut Polo Club” by Brian Major


Caribbean destinations have often sought to use island sporting events as another way to encourage North American travelers to visit. But the significant gap between Americans’ sports preferences and their island counterparts has often hindered that.

Until now…

This year, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) announced a partnership with the Greenwich Polo Club in Greenwich, Connecticut to sponsor a series of matches featuring many of the country’s best players and highlighting Barbados’ strong equestrian and sporting tradition.

“The sport of kings has a long heritage in Barbados, where it was first played in 1884 according to the historical record,” said Petra Roach, BTMI’s U.S. director. “We have an active season with several international teams visiting to play against local clubs.”

Barbados’ polo facilities include the upscale Holders Hill neighborhood, where the Barbados Polo Club traces its roots back more than 130 years and features lush grounds and multiple events throughout the polo season. Affiliated with England’s Hurlingham Polo Association, the club also features easy access to shopping, luxury hotels and Bajan natural wonders.

This year’s Greenwich Polo Club season offered the additional distinction of featuring Shariah Harris, the first African-American woman to play in the country’s top polo league. The Greenwich season and accompanying Barbados events conclude on September 10. (REST OF THE ARTICLE IS HERE)

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