2 Blindfold Chess

New Sports and So Much More…

New Sports and So Much More…

2 Blindfold Chess

The 2017 edition of the National Sports Council (NSC) summer camp served off recently with over 20 varied sports for children to engage in for six weeks. This year two new sports have been added to the offerings, “Archery” and “Orienteering“.

Barbados’ latest International Chess Master, Orlando Husbands blindfolded for simultaneous chess at a recent “So Much More Than Chess” event

Assistant Director of Sport (NSC) Ag, Mr. Ryan Toppin shares that the NSC is always keen to make their summer camp more exciting and engaging, as such “Archery and orienteering have been added to our offerings and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to share with young sports enthusiasts the benefits and features of the two new sports which will be professionally instructed at two of our varied locations across the island.

In addition to the two new sports, the NSC has also offered campers based at the Barbados Community College (BCC) a novel and innovative tour, “So Much More Than Chess“. As the name suggests chess will be central but “So much more” will also be featured as the campers have the opportunity to play over 25 various games…Giant games, floor games and traditional board games will all be enjoyed in a fun-filled environment at the BCC.

Mr. Toppin adds, “While we greatly appreciate the traditional tours available in Barbados we are delighted to partner with Outside The Box Inc. to have “So Much More Than Chess” included at our summer camp…There has been keen interest shown by parents and campers for the new tour and we expect it will be one of our more popular attractions for the campers to enjoy.”

An unmistakable favourite for children at “So Much More Than Chess” events

July 26, 2017 and August 10, 2017 are the scheduled dates for the new tour. The NSC summer camp is supported by several local organizations which contribute to the success of the camp which has attracted over 1,200 campers.

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