car jacking tips 01



car jacking tips 01

Police are investigating a report made by a thirty two (32) year old Christ Church woman, who was attacked and her motor car stolen sometime around 8:35 pm, on Friday the 7th of July 2017, while travelling along Upton Road, St. Michael, in the area of the old BET building.


The young lady was driving her motor car along Upton Road, when someone threw a stone at the car breaking the windshield in the process. On stopping to investigate, she was attacked by two men who stole her motor car.

(FILE IMAGE) She received minor injuries from the splintered glass.

The motor car was subsequently recovered, and a 20 year old male is currently assisting police with their investigations.

Motorists are being reminded if they are travelling alone:

Never stop to check cars in a lonely or secluded area. Always try to drive to a well-lit and well-travelled area.
• Do not get out of your car on a lonely or dark road
• If someone volunteers to assist, do not get out of the car, roll the window down 1 inch, and ask them to call the police.

  • Roland Cobbler – Insp. (Ag);
    Public Relations Officer
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