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To Infinity And Beyond, SOL goes even further

To Infinity And Beyond, SOL goes even further

5 20170615 193623

Barbadians will recall when an energy producer added 10 kilometres to their trip with new fuel manufacturing methods, now the envelope is pushed further with an extra 15 km’s to the tank and a contest where the consumers gain from every step.

In a splashy and chic launch held at Mahogany Ridge in Plum Tree Rd, St James – the Regional Manager of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Roger Bryan, explained to the audience of stakeholders, journalists and guests how SOL Infinity – the name of the new fuel – does not affect the price of gas or diesel at the pump which is already bracing for an adjustment next month due to Budgetary implementations by Government.

Mr Bryan reminded participants when SOL Go Further in 2012 added 10 km’s to a personal vehicle while SOL Go Even Further had low sulfur diesel for users, but their scientists refined the technology even further allowing the customer to gain even more by using SOL Infinity;-

As if that wasn’t enough, SOL is giving back to consumers even further with a contest for their customers.

Marketing Manager of SOL Barbados Karen Bishop-McClean revealed if you use SOL Infinity to power your vehicle then you can get a chance at either a huge cash dividend, a scholarship, groceries or a spree at Courts as prizes drawn August 11th;-

After the official speeches, patrons were feted with beverages, canapés, dance and song as well as a raffle where 3 lucky guests won $1,000 worth of SOL Infinity for their vehicles.

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