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Fraudulent Qualifications Awareness Campaign

Fraudulent Qualifications Awareness Campaign

1 123rf Mortar Board on Book Stock Photo graduation

It is a harsh reality! Education fraud has reached the shores of Barbados.

To prevent educational fraud by individuals and to close ‘Diploma Mills’ loopholes, the Barbados Accreditation Council has launched its Fraudulent Qualifications Awareness Campaign with the hosting of Information Sessions targeted at Employers, Professional Associations/ Bodies and Government Ministries/Departments/Agencies.

The Information Sessions offer vital tips and resources and present a forum to discuss strategies to prevent this increasingly growing global trend from reaching the doors of local organizations.

(FILE IMAGEvia 123RF.com) Diploma mills are illegitimate providers of education and training, which are not recognized or accredited by a legitimate quality assurance agency.

Together, we can build a quality culture and prevent education fraud from spreading further throughout Barbados, and the rest of the region.

To schedule an information session, kindly contact the Information Officer at 535-6742 or via email at km-ifill@bac.gov.bb

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