Flow completes major systems upgrade

Barbados has become the first business unit in the Caribbean for telecoms provider Flow to achieve complete systems integration.

Recently, Flow concluded a major upgrade to its billing, charging and customer relationship management systems that will act as the catalyst to drive an improved customer experience.

We always say that telecoms is the greatest team sport and the realisation of this upgrade stands as a testament to this philosophy,” said Marilyn Sealy, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Flow Barbados.

“This upgrade is the culmination of two years of planning and a weekend of extremely intensive system upgrades. We actually setup two ‘War Rooms’ – in Barbados at Windsor Lodge and in Miami at Cypress Creek – that were manned by our colleagues who carefully monitored and rigorously tested the systems and processes from beginning to end,” added Sealy.

Justin Inniss, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Flow Barbados, welcomed the initiative aimed at improving the experience of customers.

As with any technology-related exercise of this magnitude, there are always some unexpected challenges that need to be ironed out. During the systems upgrade, some of our customers experienced service issues and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience,” he said.

“Our networks and systems are now in a stabilisation period as we try to systematically identify the faults we have encountered and we thank our customers for their understanding and we look forward to providing them an unsurpassed level of customer experience as we enter this new chapter.”

As part of the upgrade, Flow will provide its customers with a consolidated bill for the company’s suite of products and services including broadband, mobile, fixed-line and TV.

The upgrade will also help streamline the migration process from copper to fibre for broadband customers, along with improved resolution for queries received by the company’s contact centres.

This paves the way for us to offer a true quad-play experience for our customers and they will soon receive a ‘Bill Map’, whether via surface mail or email, that explains all the features of the new bill such as the account and bill invoice number, usage charges, account charges and discounts among other items,” added Inniss.

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  1. why don’t reporters do the real story which is how badly Flow treats its customers. i am tired of reading bout their upgrades..they bring us finer and ruin it by using old technology equipment plagued with issues from 2014….only they could and would choose to cut corners and ruin launching higher speed service ….Justin Inniss is supposed to call me about my major problems with this company..lets see if he does. All service providers have glitches and problems…no one is perfect but where its different is that Flow never reimburses you for any interruption in services or when we as the customers don’t receive the services we pay dearly for….they stonewall us with an unreliable customer service number and customer reps who are purposely too far removed to even give any form of compensation ..its criminal what they get away with and yet the bought for media here in barbados floods us with these kinds of stories…no one cares…do a real story

  2. Sadly Lisa; All Media Houses and this one inclusive, we tend to cut slack for the advertisers who share their budget with us – the raw truth is we need money to function and we’re not independently wealthy where we can pick up a lance and go astride a horse and do battle for wronged consumers at the drop of a hat, Flow used to advertise with me so it will be easier for me to pursue a matter now…

    Don’t forget there’s a claim Chefette was supposed to’ve recently laid off about 200 workers in 2015 or 2016 and it is said the Nation was apparently silent? If true, Chefette is a regular advertiser at the Nation with many full-page colour Ads, is a newspaper really gonna slice its own throat?

    Flow broke off their nearly 3 years of advertising here after I made it known I did not approve of LIME buying over Columbus, and once the “revised” Flow was in effect with its supposed re-branding, but really strengthened LIME, framework they set about correcting whatever needed adjusting in their framework as they saw fit… There was even a dollop of political intrigue as one of their marketing team and I had a verbal debate at the DLP headquarters and it was shortly after that when the axe fell, I don’t play yardfowl for the ruling party nor Main Opposition or UPP etc, so I pay the price!


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