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Ser Richard’s business adventure (a la Westeros, apologies to Pat Hoyos)

Ser Richard’s business adventure (a la Westeros, apologies to Pat Hoyos)

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Ser Richard Branson, who is among the most storied and passionate entrepreneurs of our time, gave at least two publicly-staged interviews over about a week.

The ones I am referring to are his appearance on a Washington Post-sponsored Programme called Cape UP, in which he was interviewed by the newspaper’s outstanding columnist Jonathan Capeheart, and his headlining of the Virgin Atlantic-sponsored event, Business Is An Adventure, held at Hilton Barbados recently.

Having only listened to the Capeheart interview via podcast, I can’t tell you anything about the ambience or the level of service offered at that event, but I can tell you about the other one. It was impeccably done.

Kudos should go to Virgo Communications for coordinating it, as well as the Virgin Atlantic employees who were very present as well.

Perhaps the most visual way I can praise all those involved is to say that the entire “production“, if you will, was what you might expect on the evening of a luxury product launch, rather than at a morning event, which it actually was, and at which such production “values” may be more easily missed on account of caffeine deficiency.

The darkened room, the large screen, the music, the lighting, and the Virgin Atlantic food outside of the conference room were all superb. Who plays a violin in the morning?

Now, you know the reason I don’t get ahead in life or in my rapidly waning career is that I never “eliminate the negative“.

Putting it another way – since this was an airline-sponsored event – you might say that I had a few reservations.

I’m not going to dwell on them because this column is more about all the entrepreneurship medicine we are currently being asked to swallow to cure our obviously slothful and unenterprising approach to business… (CONTINUED HERE)

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