“Does He Also Care?” By Grenville Phillips II

The Ministry of Education has approved our children’s use of cellular phones in our schools. The obvious foreseen risk is our children’s direct access to pornography (porn) on their smart phones. While some responsible parents will install porn filters on their children’s phones, most parents and grandparents will not know, and are not expected to know, how to protect them. Therefore, a national response is required.

Many parents have provided their children with smart-phones, tablets and lap-top computers without installing the critically necessary porn filter. Therefore, they are unknowingly giving their children direct access to porn, which is perhaps the most reckless act that a parent can do. For those who are unaware, porn permanently damages children.

Our children are not the only victims. Employees who watch porn are normally very unproductive, which harms both the private and public sectors. Spouses who watch porn normally destroy their marriages. However, the real victims are those whom they view on the screen.

The sex slavery trade is real. Girls, mostly from Asia and Eastern Europe, are forced into sex slavery, and are repeatedly raped until they are made to appear to enjoy it. Viewers of porn may try to justify their actions by deluding themselves that they are engaging in a harmless act. However, every time that they visit a porn site, they increase the advertisement revenue of the site, thus ensuring the bondage of the victims.

Sex slaves are perhaps the most oppressed group on Earth. Their initial hopes of rescue are dimmed with each forced rape and each new year of captivity. However, those who capture, rape and confine them are merely agents. The true oppressors are those who view porn, for if there were no market, there would be no sex slavery. Viewers of porn are the market where sex slaves are traded.

(FILE IMAGE) Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

By allowing our children to access pornography, we are training the next generation of oppressors, and ensuring that the sex slaves’ hope for freedom is in vain. Most of us are descendants of persons who were either sold into slavery, or kidnapped and forcibly brought to Barbados. If we now actively facilitate the enslavement of sex slaves, then we, above all people, deserve the harshest judgement.

Fortunately, this judgement can be avoided, because this is one of the easiest national problems to solve. The Government can easily block access to porn on the Internet, by default, today. Those adults who want it can simply apply for it. Therefore, with one decision, the Government of Barbados can immediately protect all of our children, increase national productivity, improve marriages, and most importantly, provide some hope to the despairing sex slaves being savagely raped around the world.

Let me directly address those who believe that it is their duty ensure that the bureaucratic ‘wheels’ of Government turn slowly. I understand that this decision involves policy, legal, and technical issues. The policy issue can be addressed immediately – it is good policy to protect our children. I understand the benefits of having ‘Green’ consultative and ‘White’ policy papers in order to get diverse feedback. Therefore, set the policy on protecting our children, and then have the time-consuming consultations on changing that responsible policy.

The legal concern is a non-issue since those adults who want it will be granted access once they apply for it. That leaves the technical issue. Flow and Digicel can be regulated to block porn, or the Government can block it directly today. You can be sure that in a Solutions Barbados administration, porn will be blocked on day 1.

There is one man in Barbados that currently has the authority to do so much good, or to perpetuate so much harm. That man is the Minister responsible for Telecommunications. Today, he can instruct the Permanent Secretary to instruct the Chief Telecommunications Officer to block all porn sites. That he has allowed such unspeakable harm to go on for so many years is very distressing. However, perhaps he was unaware of just how much harm his inaction was causing. Well, now he knows. If our children are unable to access porn tomorrow, then we will know that he also cares.

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