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Solutions Barbados names nine candidates

Solutions Barbados names nine candidates

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The alternative political group known as Solutions Barbados have named candidates with selected constituencies and include a hairdresser, a building contractor, a photographer as well as a juice maker.

The party is spearheaded by Grenville Phillips II, Structural Engineer, who intends to run for St George North; there’s also
Andrew Banfield, Computer Software Specialist, – St George South; in addition there’s Benjamin Niles, Building Contractor – St Philip West; Ronald Lorde, Businessman – St Philip South; Julie Chalbaud, Photographer – Christ Church South; Angela Edey, hair specialist – St Michael West-Central.

Now Cherone Martindale, Administrator has the uphill task of wresting the seat of St John and rounding out Solutions Barbados initial field, there’s Andre Griffith, Computer Specialist, who’s bid for St James North. While boasting that the majority of the nine candidates have like years of professional experience, Phillips further suggested that his party could provide the right fix for Barbados’ worrying economic problems.

Phillips expects to be in a position to announce the party’s full slate of 30 candidates within the next two weeks, including the composition of its shadow cabinet.
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Solutions Barbados is one of three recently formed political groupings seeking to reshape the political landscape dominated by the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

The other two are the United Progressive Party (UPP) led by former BLP senator Lynette Eastmond and the Barbados Integrity Movement led by Neil Holder.

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