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Revival of Electronic franchise compared to Hyatt controversy by Industry Minister

Revival of Electronic franchise compared to Hyatt controversy by Industry Minister

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The Industry Minister of Barbados sees the revival of an electronics chain in this country as proof why the construction of the Hyatt Centric resort should be unimpeded.

Donville Inniss addressed Media and other invited guests at the official re-opening of Radio Shack at Courts Unicomer in Sheraton Mall yesterday evening.

Praising the department store for its opportunity to discourage Barbadians from online shopping by offering reasonable alternatives, he also drew comparison to investment opportunities in this country being given short shrift.

Mr Inniss was making a thinly veiled reference to the ongoing legal hurdles being thrown by social activist David Comissiong of the defunct People’s Empowerment Party who has been drafting injunctions to waylay construction of the Hyatt Centric resort on Bay Street.

The Minister sees these attempted blockages as detrimental to earning foreign exchange and discouraging overseas parties to come here and invest in Barbados;-

Managing Director of Courts, Patricia Tannis, explained how the consumer oriented conglomerate managed to thrive even as its parent organisation did not, when eventually Unicomer became the new parent for the popular hire purchase outfit.

Now a similar event has occurred with the renowned electronics firm where the base has seen better days while the subsidiaries are advancing, she listed the success of Radio Shack in the Caribbean and Central America by its partnership with Courts Unicomer;-

The Industry Minister noted the broadening of bases to locally acquire electronic devices such as power banks, laptops, mobile headphones and other gadgets has benefitted Barbados significantly.

Mr Inniss listed the how external sales for devices has taken a dip and thus diminished pulls on foreign exchange;-

Radio Shack used to operate in Peronne Plaza in the 70s and 80s at Worthing when the Massy supermarket was then known as Big B before merging with SuperCentre and eventually being purchased by the Trinidadian powerhouse which is a subsidiary of the Ansa McAL group.

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