THE PRINCIPLES OF the Christian faith are the values on which Barbados was built. This is why Easter, which commemorates the events surrounding the foundation of the Christian faith, must continue to hold such prominence within the lives of all Barbadians.

Even for those Barbadians who follow another faith, the Easter message of selflessness and sacrifice are values all can identify with and seek to emulate.

In that extraordinary event centuries ago, the Son of God was crucified and rose three days later in glory, conquering death. And through our belief in Christ, we have the promise of one day joining him in heaven. This event changed the world forever.

It left mankind with a tangible example of the importance of caring for others, making sacrifices, embracing change, taking responsibility and doing the right thing.

It is a powerful message which, in the most challenging times, one can find comfort. For it serves to remind us that in our brief sojourn on Earth we should always seek to make a positive difference.

Personally and as a politician, the sacrifice which led to Easter also tells me that in a world defined by self-interest, that self-giving and being honest in one’s generosity are the most important factors to improve the quality of your life and those you seek to serve.

As a leader, that means making the right choices, taking decisions however difficult, and judging matters based on clear values and beliefs.

There is no room for protecting institutions and systems that only serve to protect the agenda of a few, while endangering the most vulnerable in society.

Easter speaks as well to empowerment. Christians are empowered to stand against evil and work for justice and righteousness.

Moreover, the Easter story of the Cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of new life and renewed commitment. That renewal begins with honesty, openness, and a willingness to sacrifice institutional privilege in order to give and serve without regard for self.

We must take some inspiration from the selfless, servant leadership of Jesus Christ.

The Barbados Labour Party is mindful of this country’s deteriorating state of affairs caused primarily by poor choices, inertia and visionless leadership. If ever there was a time for bold, selfless sacrifice on behalf of the people, it is now.

The BLP is focused, ready and resolute – guided by the true meaning of Easter – to restore hope to Barbadians and make our country a better, fairer place to live.

Our mission is to get Barbados working again for all Barbadians.

On behalf of the family of the Barbados Labour Party, I would like to wish all Barbadians a blessed Easter.

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