Shadow Parliamentary Representative of St Lucy addresses “Transitory Inconvenience” of Housing Minister’s Facebook Inadequacies

IF NOTHING ELSE, late Prime Minister David Thompson recognized what a buffoon Denis Kellman is and spared his Democratic Labour Party government any chance of being embarrassed by him.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart demonstrated his poor judgment as a leader from day one by selecting Kellman for his Cabinet. I am sure he must be regretting that decision now given the goofs and gaffes this minister has perpetrated since his appointment.

Whether one supports the ruling party or the Barbados Labour Party like I do, it is difficult not to be appalled by the repeated nonsensical public statements of Kellman because he is a Cabinet minister, not just an average citizen.

Here is a minister whose ministry is in disarray as evidenced by the last few Auditor General reports. Yet there is little evidence anything has been done to get it on track.

Here is a minister who promised that by last Christmas tenants would be inside the Grotto high rise apartments, but that has not happened.
In fact his ministry is responsible for scores of houses across the island that continue to be empty for more than two years, and Kellman has one excuse after the other why people have not been allowed in them. However he is consistently on the radio call-in programmes and Facebook spewing nonsense on the happenings in every other ministry except housing.

And when he is not talking political folly, he is promoting St Elmo’s – his business in St Lucy.

So we have a minister of Government earning with allowances as much as $17,000 a month still seemingly actively involved in the day-to-day operation of his business. How can this be right?
When public servants have not had a pay increase in seven years, here is a
Government minister living large and being insensitive. Isn’t this immoral?

On December 31, 2016 at 8:54 p.m. Kellman posted on Facebook about St Elmo’s: “Old year’s local special tonight only, plus in cans 5 for $10. The following morning 8:59 a.m. he posted: “canned plus and malts 5 for $10 today and tomorrow”. That night he also promoted karaoke and limbo dancing at Moontown. And on January 3, he posted “Wait Plus and malts 5 for $10. your choice of mix”.

Knowing Kellman he would say someone from St Elmo’s uses his Facebook page to make these posts. He would think people are foolish enough to believe that.

This well-paid but idle minister’s latest gaffe was on Facebook on the first day of this year asking, “can potholes save lives? Do paved roads encourage speeding causing accidents and deaths? Watch how sensible people will make this a statement and not a question?”

Negative reaction followed as expected. But not knowing when to quit being a clown, Kellman added: “So how come the number of fatal fatalities are down, at a time you all complaining about potholes?

This was insulting to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists as it showed this Government minister does not care about the discomfort Barbadians have travelling on our roads.

This episode coming after his bare back stunt drinking water and apparently mocking those suffering from water woes for the last several months, the pattern of Kellman’s indifference is pellucidly clear for all to see.

(AUTHOR) Peter Phillips;
BLP candidate for St Lucy

The Prime Minister needs to demonstrate leadership by either firing Kellman or ordering him to apologise to the public for his insensitive remarks. Failure to do so would show that Stuart condones Kellman’s uncaring behaviour and he too, should be equally condemned.

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