Reformed Raul Garcia planning to become Havana Tour Operator, still views Barbados kindly

PROLOGUE – David Comissiong:

On the morning of Monday 8th January 2017 – my daughter, Aisha Comissiong, and I had just come to the end of a 12 day stay in Cuba and were about to start our journey to the Jose Marti Airport in Havana, when our vehicle was stopped and we were asked to wait for a couple minutes because “Raul” was on his way to see us. About two minutes later, a man came running around the corner – obviously intent on reaching us before we drove off. That out of breath man turned out to be none other than Raul Garcia.

Raul accompanied us to the Airport, and during the journey I informed him that many Barbadians were still meeting me in the street and enquiring about him – wondering how he was doing in Cuba. I also suggested to him that the best way to answer those queries would be for him to write up an update on his life in Cuba, which I would then transmit to the News Media of Barbados.

Raul Garcia’s update on his life in Cuba:-

“Today was a great day for me because after three years I was able to reunite with a great man and saviour of my life in the year 2013 in the beautiful island named Barbados.

I’ve been for the longest time wishing to say these few words of love and gratitude to one of the most important countries in my life and I take this opportunity to express them through my dear brother David Comissiong.

To my people of Barbados I wish you the best and the most happy New Year. I want all of you to know that my promises have been kept and that my life has been changed into what I am today – a good law abiding citizen to the world and its people.

I also want you to know that my love for Barbados has not and will never change as long as I live. Thanks to all of you in Barbados who assisted and supported me in my time of crisis I now carry on a decent and quiet life in my country of Cuba.

Soon from now I’ll be able to provide a taxi or sight-seeing service to anyone who wishes and needs to be transported to any part of Cuba in my car. My life over the past three years has been focused on my future and on my family’s future in the best way there is.

Today I felt the essence of the beautiful country of Barbados by finding myself in the presence of my brethren David Comissiong and his daughter, Aisha.

I wish the best to all the people of Barbados, and I hope that God keeps blessing this beautiful Island throughout its eternal existence. One day – and I know that God will help me on this – I’ll be able to visit this Island again so I can express these words in person.

I send my love and best wishes in this year of 2017 to every individual in Barbados. Let peace and harmony be the main reason for all of us to share with one another this year. God bless you all.

Raul Garcia

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Ironic and sad how Raul wishes Bajans the blessings of God, yet so many objectors on the once functional Barbados Free Press objected to Mr Garcia’s residence here as against God’s wishes? Or those who would allow him to stay did not want him to work? How is a former convict to earn a living? Perhaps these Bajans should be honest enough to operate by what many consider to be the Napoleonic criminal code yet in fact is not true at all? Guilty Until Proven Innocent or do like many former Soviet countries and just put a bullet through an inmate’s head, at least they’re more honest than these so-called Bajan Christians? No denomination listed, just referring to how objectors considered themselves…)

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