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New book captivates readers with tale of love and passion

New book captivates readers with tale of love and passion

Anthony BW

Trinidadian author Anthony Maillard graces the publishing world with his presence once again with the release of his third book, “The Killing of the Flamenco Dancer” (published by Xlibris). In this compelling read, he weaves a tale of love and passion, with his complex and well-drawn characters taking readers on an unforgettable sensual journey.

This book is about two ‘opposites‘ who are physically attracted to each other. One is a marketing executive, the other a struggling artist. Marísa Conchita Arelis Villanueva was born in Alcobendas, Spain, drives a Mercedes Benz and theoretically has her pick of any man in Boston. Reginald T. Stanfield hails from the Bahamas, a divorcee and father of one girl. He strives to ‘make it‘ in the art world. Their desire to find love while fulfilling their sexual fantasies ignites their passion over the next three months when their world implodes.

As Marísa and Reggie set out on this collision course of a tangled love affair and an upcoming art exhibition due to open in three months, they face tough challenges that will test their relationship. Can love and passion save them?

The Killing of the Flamenco Dancer” is a story about strangers who meet and ‘fall in love‘ overnight.

Today, it is common that people become blinded by passion, establish relationships and sometimes get married to someone who they think they know – only to have their worlds collide several months or years later,” Maillard says.

Book Launch and Parang

Anthony launched his new book on December 7, 2016 with a ‘Book Launch and Parang’ event at THE BIG BLACK BOX venue in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The ‘Book Launch’ was a unique experience as Anthony transformed the BOX into a Spanish-style café and enlisted the services of many local artisans to reenact several passages of his book.

The evening started with solo performances by John Hussain on acoustic guitar. Hussain deftly set the theme for the evening as he played some of his Latin-flavoured musical vignettes while the audience assembled and sampled several Spanish delicacies such as empanadas, arepas, pasteles and bollitos.

For the main part of the ‘Launch’, local actors presented their stage interpretations of various passages of the book. Readers included popular local actor Nikolai Salcedo and the author himself. Interpretations were also featured in the dance genre with performances by Nalini Akal and several other dancers who wowed the audience with their interpretations of ‘In a Sentimental Mood’ and the classic Flamenco.

“We definitely planned a different type of Book Launch event,” Anthony stated, “and we are very happy that the performances were successful and the audience was thoroughly entertained by something different, providing a mix of art, theatre, dance and music.”

However, the evening performance kudo goes to well-known and popular actress/comedienne Philo, who was added to the cast as a special guest artiste. PHILO was provocative and sensuous while still being comedic as she brought her unique blend of satirical interpretation to the book’s lead character, Marísa. Her portrayal of ‘Dinner at Marísa’s House and Bathtub Scene’ was impeccably performed in full costume, mic and script in hand while horizontal on the stage. The audience loved it as PHILO was able to create tense anticipation for the sensuous dance that followed.

For her role of Marísa in ‘A Los Bailadores’, PHILO performed the role in broken Spanish, which although making the interpretation more comedic, she was able to depict the character’s imbalance and more zany qualities. Hats off to PHILO for making a memorable evening.

The popular Parang group, Los Hombres Sexuales closed the evening with a spirited performance that had the audience singing and dancing in the aisle.

The ambiance, the readings, the music, the food, all helped to create a sensational Book Launch giving the audience the full ‘Flamenco Café’ experience.

Sponsors for the event include: Beacon Insurance, Metefx Event Lighting, DJ Glen and Company; and Look-ah-Liquor and Mini-Mart.

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