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What’s New at ArtsEtc: 2016 Indy List, Blog Post, Artist Profiles & More

What’s New at ArtsEtc: 2016 Indy List, Blog Post, Artist Profiles & More

cb award 2016 Generic

Hi, everyone,

Barbados turned 50 last month. As per usual, we’ve slipped easily into Christmas-celebration mode. But many flags and banners are still up, and the roundabouts remain lit, bright enough for any festive season

The highlight for this latest update is ArtsEtc’s Annual Independence Reading List–what we affectionately refer to as The IndyList. Please do check it out below as well as a new feature on the site: The IndyList Reviews, which begins the process of posting reviews of ALL the books we’ve featured since the very first IndyList in 2006.

We’d like to thank our sponsors and Art Partners Days Books, the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment and Bajan Reporter for their ongoing support of and belief in this effort to get more people, especially Bajans, to read more of their writers and learn more about their artistic heritage.

In case you didn’t catch our other updates, here’s the rundown:

Soon to come is news on Martin Boyce, the winner of 2016 Carolle Bourne Award–the National Independence of Creative Arts (NIFCA) innovation prize ArtsEtc sponsors with author Ronald A. Williams (The Dark Land); a new edition to our Freedom Series; and more Skool Daze by Aguinaldo Belgrave, whose strip was recently featured in a 50th anniversary of Independence exhibition celebrating Bajan visuals artists.

Hope you enjoy. When you get the chance, do let us know.


Robert Edison Sandiford


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