Multi National Fair Donates $70,000 to Barbadian charities

Multi National Fair Donates $70,000 to Barbadian charities


The Multi National Fair presented a donation of $70,000 among 14 local charities at an awards ceremony held last week as part of Barbados 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Lady Sharen Carmichael and Sharon Oran donate a cheque to Kemar Saffrey of the Barbados Vagrant and Homeless Society

As we reflect on the 50th Anniversary of Barbados’ Independence, we celebrate the outstanding contribution of each and every one of these charities selected. Each charity is committed to delivering a specific project that focuses on youth development in Barbados. These organisations continue to work towards building a better Barbados, and the Multi National Fair is proud to support that work through the money raised at the event,” remarked The Fair founders Lady Sharen Carmichael and Sharon Oran, who presented the cheques to the charity representatives.

The charities, which were awarded $5,000 each towards specific projects outlined during a grant application process, are listed below:

  • I Am A Girl Barbados- programme for disadvantaged and abused young women.
  • The Variety Club of Barbados – services to disabled.
  • More 4 Kids – programme to support autistic children.
  • Duke of Edinburgh – youth sailing programme.
  • African Heritage Foundation – wide range of activities such as education, culture, agriculture.
  • Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Living – developing entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Soroptimist Club of Barbados – programme supporting the Government Industrial School.
  • Nature Fun Ranch – agricultural and development project to support young people.
  • Supreme Counselling – anti bullying programme in 8 schools.
    Barbados Youth Orchestra – music tuition for those who are unable to afford music classes.
  • Barbados Homeless and Vagrants Society – support to homeless parents and their children.
  • Soroptimist Jamestown – woodcarving and skills development for school leavers.
  • Progressive Optimist Club – programme to support child patients at the QEH.
  • Operation Triple Threat – scholarships for young people who need financial assistance.

The Multi National Fair was held in April of this year, under the auspices of Be The Change Barbados, a nonprofit volunteer-run organization committed to turning the tide of the future, building resiliency and connection as we create a spiritually fulfilling, socially just, and environmentally sustainable future for Barbados.

The Fair was a charity initiative designed around 8 main centres related to Health & Spirituality, Sports & Fitness, Business & Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Recycling, Children, Arts & Entertainment, and Food & Agriculture.

Lady Sharen Carmichael and Sharon Oran present a cheque to Corey Lane of Nature Fun Ranch

The Multi-National Fair ‘Celebrating our Strengths‘ showcased more than 200 vendors, with a combination of locally grown and international foods and refreshments on sale. The Fair also featured interactive demonstrations, games, activities and live entertainment by various youth groups from around the island. The Fair brought together the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, service clubs, businesses, and organisations in a community wide effort to promote social development and fundraising.

More information about The Multi National Fair can be found on Facebook or via the Be The Change website www.bethechangebarbados.org

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