International Cookbook Author to give back to her school

International Cookbook Author to give back to her school


Food scientist, vegan chef and author Taymer Mason released her fourth book on November 29th this year entitled Caribbean Vegan Expanded Second Edition. The book was published by The Experiment Publishing New York with worldwide release. People from Australia, Netherlands and North America have already started sharing the book on social media from the Bajan author based in Toronto. Taymer is one of the youngest Caribbean nationals with an international book deal.

A week after the book was released it was named one of the Best Cookbooks by Amazon.com editors which is a coveted literary nod. Articles have been popping up about the book with the recent being Portland Press Herald picked Caribbean Vegan is one of the Best Vegan Cookbooks of 2016.

Mason is optimistic about the book and its success in the coming year…

“Mason has updated and expanded her 2010 book in response to the rising tide of interest in vegan eating – both in the Caribbean and around the world. She notes that particularly since 2012 the people who live in the Caribbean have a renewed appreciation for traditional island diets centered around root vegetables such as cassava, sweet potatoes and yams. The book is jam-packed with tidbits and tips about ingredients and island cooking and the international influences that have shaped the cuisines of the individual. The recipes feature native Caribbean foods, with suggestions for how to find them outside of the region and how to find substitutes if need be. These veganized regional recipes include plantain porridge, callaloo fritters, Bajan “beef” stew and Calabaza squash cinnamon rolls.”

Mason is a food scientist and was educated at the Alleyne School then the University of the West Indies. She left Barbados for France ten years ago and worked for the French government in public sector hygiene. She started blogging back in 2006 and was given a book deal at 26 years old. Today the 33 year old is thriving in the vegan world as one of the most respected chefs in the industry. She spends the year attending festivals, conferences and writing books.

Mason launched the book at the University Bookshop on the 9th of December. The book can be bought online at all online retailers and is available locally at the University Bookshop just in time for the holidays.

Mason returns to Toronto next year to attend Super Conference the countries largest literary festivals and to headline summer's 2017 food festivals. (Image Copyright - Anton Nixon)
Mason returns to Toronto next year to attend Super Conference the countries largest literary festivals and to headline summer’s 2017 food festivals. (Image CopyrightAnton Nixon)

Mason also penned Caribbean Smoothie and Kink Alchemy a natural hair recipe book this year while taking some time off in her hometown Barbados. Caribbean Vegan Expanded Second edition was written in Barbados. Taymer also donated books to the Alleyne School her Alma Mater. This ‘A student’ would always be gifted cookbooks from the school during speech day. Now she’s excited to donate her own works back to the school that nurtured her.

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