Manager of B.A.R.S Inc. stated while the Barbados Community College’s Hospitality Institute recently noted how that institute had to turn away hundreds of applicants over the last year. On the other hand, the Bajan Association of Rum Shops (B.A.R.S. Inc.) is preparing to roll out the second series of their bar-tending seminars “The Art of Bartending Training Seminars” which will afford students the most comprehensive bar and cocktail training, both practical and theoretical, that can be utilized within a bar environment. B.A.R.S intends to work closely with TVET Council and the BCSI to deliver and incorporate the NVQ in Bartending to the seminars.

This was part of a briefing held by the Bajan Association of Rum Shops (B.A.R.S) which was in response to the overwhelming demand for hospitality programmes at the Hospitality Institute of the Barbados Community College.

Representatives from Bajan Association of Rum Shops, Manager Raeann Beckles, Mixologist/Instructor David Barker, along with a past student Malachi Joseph, who received a certificate of Excellence, interacted with reporters.

Representatives from Bajan Association of Rum Shops, Manager Raeann Beckles, Mixologist/Instructor David Barker, along with a past student Malachi Joseph, who received a certificate of Excellence, interacted with reporters.

The maiden seminars held in May this year has received such resounding success that restaurants and bar owners has contacted B.A.R.S Inc. for job opportunities for the first cohort of students. Consequently, the second cohort is scheduled to start the 23rd of September 2015.

B.A.R.S. Inc. interactive, training seminars called “The Art of Bartending” is aimed at “educating Bartenders for creating the perfect Mixologists.” “We need to ensure their creation of every cocktail served is perfect no matter where they are serving it. For this reason, we have created an imaginative, engaging and effective training seminar. Said Ms. Raeann Beckles.

David Barker, speaking on what to expect from the upcoming seminars “These training seminars covers the intricacies of crafting a cocktail, from the history of bartending and spirits, down to the appropriate glassware, specific garnish and ice proportions.”

“One of our goals is to provide knowledge to bartenders, giving them the tools to perfect their skills and the ability to think outside the industry standards; giving birth to creativity and new heights for the future of bartending.” said David Barker.

Bartending is a career choice for some and a hobby for others. It takes some savvy and charisma, along with a knowledge of drinks, to be a successful bartender. One of our aims is to impart knowledge on what’s required to be an awesome bartender/mixologist. This is one of those jobs in which their success depends on their personality more than anything else. They need to be a provider of drinks, a server, an organizer, a cashier, a friend, a psychiatrist and a neat freak among other things.

Malachi Joseph expressed his recommendation for the course having passed through both the Beginners and the Advanced sessions and urge others to take the course. he further stated “I now hold a new respect for my profession and my knowledge of the industry has grown tremendously.”

Customer service is the key because the majority of their income will come from tips and there are a few things they should keep in mind when it comes to this part of working the bar. It is important for them to project a professional attitude and appearance. Customers will trust them and come back again if they had a great experience. Keeping the conversations friendly, wearing clean clothes appropriate for the establishment and maintaining a professional attitude will create an environment patrons and management will appreciate. Bartending is a profession and even if they are using it as a temporary gig to get through college, they need to treat it as such. Most of all, have fun as it will show.” Said David Barker

“It’s an education programme that will achieve our strategic objectives of creating the skillful Bartenders/Mixologist serving in our mid and mainstream Bars and restaurants across Barbados in a brilliantly bizarre way.” Stated Ms. Raeann Beckles.

These sessions, starting on the 23rd of September 2015 encompass the total aspect of being a bartender true to his craft. Held at Bangall Point Gallery, Pelican Village, the sessions now include a component dedicated to Customer Service and another to Health and Safety in the workplace. Raeann Beckles also stated that “B.A.R.S is aware that Customer Service and Health and Safety in the Workplace is of paramount importance in this field of services and the decision was made to incorporate a Customer Service and Health and Safety in the Workplace training component.”

Good Customer Service is vital for all businesses, large or small. It can have a direct impact on customer loyalty and where potential customers choose to spend their money. Simply put, the higher quality customer service you provide, the higher level of customer satisfaction you will enjoy, and that will translate into repeat business and more revenue.” said Ms. Beckles

Ms. Beckles further stated “Workplace Health and Safety policies are key elements of any modern business or organization. They can help ensure employee well-being as well as foster a productive work environment. Our health and safety course guides you through the important aspects involved in workplace health and safety and is ideal for anyone wishing to attain certification or gain a greater understanding of the topic.”

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