Free Community movie night, 15 May 2015 & lecture on “Rebuilding of the family”

This Friday May 15th, the Annu Institute for human development will be hosting another mobile community movie night and discussion. The community event will be at Denny’s Bar in Sayers Court Christ Church. The theme of this movie night is the rebuilding and strengthening of the traditional family.

The Institute sees that Our nation is in desire need of rebuilding. The majority of our Nation’s families have been destroyed. Most people of the current generation do not even understand what constitutes a family. For centuries there has been a plan to destroy the family by attacking the man, the woman and the child. This knowledge of evil that we have been given on a daily basis, now threatens the existence of the human family.

This constant attack has increased suffering due to our immorality, disconnection from the source of our existence, dysfunctional personalities and families, poverty, Oversexed lifestyles and other forms of pleasure and ignorance. This may be hard to digest but “Sticks and stones will break your bones and words can hurt you”.

Especially when these words are written down and fed to you on a daily basis in Written form, in our religious institutions, schools, newspapers, magazines, books, as scripts to movies etc. Words that do not give us a knowledge of self and God but a knowledge of evil that does not uplift us from our fallen condition.

If we look at our current beast like condition, it bears witness that we are indeed a long, long way from what the almighty creator of the havens and the earth desires for us. We were created in the likeness of a Godly nature, but due to manipulation, we our nature was reversed from a Godly nature to a ‘Dogly’ nature. In our society, the male dog has turned the female into a bitch. Due to mischief making, and the indoctrination of the masses of people, the institution of marriage and the resultant dysfunctional family is far beneath what God’s intentions are for us.

The Institute is inviting the public to join us for a community movie night with discussion on rebuilding and strengthening the family. At the community movie night and discussion, we will examine the current dirtied world view and why our thoughts and ways are from below.

Furthermore, we will discuss the causes of our low self esteem, fornication, divorce, single parent households, male and female role reversals, dysfunctional families, unemployed and underachieving men, and our arrested development in general. Solutions will be presented for saving the youth, rebuilding of the family, empowering and developing the community.



Last Sunday, May 10th, the Institute held a community movie night at Douglass Super market in Silver Sands Christ Church. The theme was “The value of a woman”. During the event the Institute asserted its position on the priceless value of a divine woman towards building a righteous. Issues were cited on wolves in sheep clothing who scheme on women. On the other side of the coin, the Institute mentioned mothers who let their children do what they wish and want to become their children’s best friend instead of being a mother. Mothers who think of themselves before their family were also addressed.

The message to mothers was that as a poor man cannot teach anyone to be rich; mothers cannot teach boys to be men. Boys need a positive male role model to immolate otherwise they will immolate images that are in society. The good, the bad and the ugly. Mothers were encourage to watch their children against potential predators within their immediate families and outside. Women who were unmarried were asked to guard

their chastity for marriage to be decent women by resisting fornication and adultery and following the traditional moral values. Further more women and men who attended were asked to acknowledge the fact that no nation can be a decent nation unless the woman in that nation are decent, for the women are mothers of civilization.

Qaasen Ricardo Sealy; Director of Annu Institute for human development

Qaasen Ricardo Sealy;
Director of Annu Institute for human development

This movie night is one of many that the ANNU Institute for human development will be conducting around Barbados. The Institute is asking all conscious community minded people to get involved in this renewal effort. To have the Institute come to your community and conduct self empowerment programmes or host a movie night with discussion, please contact the Annu Institute at 420-4788.

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