Customer Vs Vagrant? Burger King Bridge St plays Neutral

So get a load of this one…

My Sister and I took my mom shopping yesterday and we decided to eat in Burger King Barbados… the one on the Bridge in Bridge Street Mall in Fairchild Street after I recommend the place because the Caesar Salads are fresh and pretty decent. Had I been made aware that the salads now come with vagrant I would’ve eaten elsewhere!

New Contributor - Dr Philf, CLICK FOR BIGGER!

New Contributor – Dr Philf, CLICK FOR BIGGER!

Yes I said it comes with VAGRANT! Now for the interesting part…

We proceed to order and low and behold, much to my surprise… and future dismay I might add, a vagrant STROLLS RIGHT PAST THE SECURITY GUARDANDMAKES HIS WAY RIGHT UP TO THE CASH REGISTER HARASSING MY SISTER FOR A DOLLAR… The fact that this goes on for a good 2 to 3 mins finally pushes my annoyance into a meltdown. So I square him up quickly and he begins to shout at me. I have little to no tolerance for abusive vagrants so I shout back he comes to the realization that I will put him down without a second thought and leaves… or so I thought.

We're getting our food and guess what... I notice him at the door chatting with the security guard, ok... so what right? Before we can sit properly and I can get to enjoy my salad, he CHARGES OVER TO OUR TABLE CUSSING AND CARRYING ON!!!

We’re getting our food and guess what… I notice him at the door chatting with the security guard, ok… so what right? Before we can sit properly and I can get to enjoy my salad, he CHARGES OVER TO OUR TABLE CUSSING AND CARRYING ON!!!

My head starts to boil and A PAIR OF TOURISTS RUN AND LEAVE THEIR FOOD WHEN MY NEPHEW AND STEP TO HIM… putting ourselves between my mother, his mother (my sister) and my niece (his sister). My sister throws herself between us begging us not to get into any trouble… MEANWHILETHE GUARD JUST STANDS THERE… NOW LITERALLY NEXT TO THE VAGRANT AFTER I HAD TO CALL HIM TO COME FOR THE PARRO ASS BEFORE I SHUT DOWN BK… DOING WHAT I CAN ONLY CALL PRETENDING TO SHOW INTEREST.

In short, he puts his bag on the floor ready for war and says something about stuffing my sisters money in her mouth and waving his hand in her face and we spend the next 5 minutes with me trying my best not to go nuclear and my sister holding back myself and my nephew from redecorating Burger King with this johnny… WHILE THE GUARD AND BURGER KING STAFF SPECTATE before this parro realizes both my nephew and myself have no reservations about flattening him. His only saving grace was that it was my mother’s day and I didn’t want it marred by any incident.

Had my father been there it would have been a different story since he’s the ask questions later, if at all type… Then Bajans would’ve been talking ’bout how 3 men unfair a parro and want locking up.

Look how I nearly had to spend the weekend in central… This experience has removed my last ounce of tolerance for these aggressive vagrants that demand money(like the one that ran from the jumpkick when he tried to corner me in the ATM last year)… and for Burger King salads.

My qualms here?

1. NO ACTION FROM THE SECURITY PERSONNEL: Even tho I called him several times to remove this creature before I shut down the establishment. Further more he should never have been allowed inside, far less up to the counter where patrons collect food.

Where… oh, where the actual ass was management in the 10 minutes this went on for?

3. I’m sick and tired of vagrants demanding my RH money!

Oh... and look what just fell into my lap? CLICK FOR BIGGER

Oh… and look what just fell into my lap? CLICK FOR BIGGER

My father promptly told me last night when I got home that he would’ve wash both the parro and the guard in licks… Just thought I’d share that so you get an idea of how tear this man head really is.

My mother on the other hand was quite relieved that she didn’t have to deliver the kick from his blind side like she was planning to but more so … also very proud of my nephew and myself for not destroying Burger King and keeping her at Central at ungodly hours of the night.

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  1. This article was written back in January but I just happened to see it and couldn’t believe what I was reading so I had to made a comment.

    It seems like you have some issues to deal with, if a human being, not a creature as you referred to him is down on his luck and begging for some money to get a meal, cause you to behave in that manner. Being aggressive and wanting to beat up the man does not help the situation, but it seems the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree, as you so proudly mentioned what your father said he would’ve done if he was there. He needed to have thought you how to be kind to all people, on the other hand he cannot teach you what he doesn’t know.

    The homeless and mentally challenged are people too not animal, it is written in the Bible that you should give to the less fortunate. Do you believe in Karma? It is not too late to change your attitude because what goes around, comes around.

    I pray that you and the members of your family always have health, wealth and strength and that you’ll would never need help from anyone. May God Bless you.

  2. I will not say if the guy was right or wrong in being aggressive but how can security be idle? Was the homeless vagrant correct in assaulting a person for change? Are you endorsing wanton submission for hoboes? There fives sides to any issue… Yours, Mine, Truth, Reality and Perception!


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