JIVING AROUND WITH 2015: What’s Cooking? UK Channel hoped for a Freebie…

In March, a television crew from the UK sought my expertise and I learned another popular contributor for this website Rosemary Parkinson author of Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n was also approached… They wanted us to do it for free? Here’s what the Daily Nation said (in part);-

Barbadian cuisine will be showcased to an international audience by British celebrity chef and television presenter Ainsley Harriott. The author of 12 books and charismatic host of popular television shows aired in Britain and other parts of the world, is currently on a world tour doing a series of cooking shows for Britain’s Channel 4, whose viewership is estimated around four million. The new show will be called Ainsley Eats The Streets and, as expected, will focus on street food. The cooking show Ready Steady Cook once aired on British television and the American version Ready, Set, Cook which he previously hosted, were a big hit attracting millions of viewers.

Ainsley Harriott

(IMAGE VIANation Publishing) If needed I have eMails and a separate document per the consultations, very hilarious on hindsight but irritating no end at the time, I felt (still do) because we’re Caribbean we just do it for the sniff of a coconut? Did Ainsley Harriott (Bald, grinning) do it for free? So why should we? Can only wonder what poor Peter Laurie got (bespectactacled), if anything, after all the gallivanting around the island?

So when I dared to ask what was the fee or allowance, they said there was no budget for it? I mean, c’mon…

No petrol nor expense(s) compensation for a local host, not only driving around, but getting a dish or two for the crew to taste? I may have a website with Ads, but I am no Bill Gates nor Sir Richard Branson!

After all, could we have gone to London and expect Snap TV to operate for free if a Barbados team decided to look at pubs and fish & chip vendors? (DATA & PHOTO COURTESYNation Publishing)

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