On the occasion of the 48th Anniversary of Independence, Barbados, a small island developing state can be justly proud of its growth, development and record of achievements.

As Barbadians reflect on the transition of this island from its status as a British colony to independent state, it can be satisfied of the fact that it has done so as a disciplined and orderly society; which has and continues to give due regard to following the ideals of democracy.

The maturity, pride, productivity and resilience of the Barbadian people, have earned our country recognition the world over, as a progressive and stable society.

At a time when the world is facing a myriad of political, economic and social challenges, it is to the credit of Barbados, that its people continue to show respect for its governance system, faith in its institutions, and respect for the rule of law and order.

As Barbados moves to cement its place within a dynamic global environment, it is to be expected that the building of a progressive and productive Barbados will remain as a number one priority. It is for this reason that every Barbadian ought to become increasingly aware of the part they are required to play, if our country is to continue to advance as a developing nation.

The founding fathers of this country across the political divide, the political and social activists and trade union leaders, must be given credit for recognizing that the growth and development of this nation, is tied to the investment in the education and health of its people.

As a knowledgeable people, it is expected that all Barbadians will recognize that our collective action will determine the difference between the nation’s failure or success. As a consequence, the populace is challenged to pay rapt attention to the fact that ‘we are craftsmen of our fate‘.

Jessamine House - CTUSAB

Barbados’ success has been built on a united front, where the state, labour and capital have demonstrated that collectivism is the key to the consolidation of the country’s efforts.

This is the message that should be continually promoted, embraced and practiced at all levels of the Barbadian society. Barbados can ill afford to slip into a state of complacency, where its institutions are submerged into a state of individualism.

As the country moves one year onwards as an independent nation, it is hoped that every Barbadian, whether citizen or resident, would recommit to doing the best he/she can to help to build a better Barbados; and in so doing, ensure a brighter future for the people of this land.

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