“Barbados is 48 or IIL? What is the Rx needed?” by (a.k.a) The Rt. Hon Dr. Philf – MP for Culpepper Island

I almost didn’t post anything for Independence Day… but night rolled around and I remembered at a time like this, we don’t need sleeping giants… We need neither B nor D. We need each other.

Warning Cussing

EDITOR’s NOTE – The Roman Numeral for 48 is IIL, and the writer clearly feels Barbados needs medicine?

This country and people are in a really sh*tty state… These fields and hills are no longer our very own… Politicians do as they like without accountability, press charges against who they like but we cant say as we like and there’s no money to buy as we like. They lie about the state of the economy and we as a people are somehow fine with this. Meanwhile… we drive around and shoot at each other. Poor man robbing poor man… just to snatch a chain or phone to get by, while our leaders pretend to know what suffering is from behind their high walls and big gates. Driving past us with our fingers crossed at the bus stop, in their MP plated, taxpayer fueled SUVs, while we are somehow contented with buses held together by string, free bus fare for kids, and knowing that our children’s education will now stop at secondary… because 20% is more than 80%.

It’s depressing, but… somehow I remembered why I love this country and why I’m willing to fight for it. This is my home… and I want it back. I want there to actually be a Barbados left when I’m gone to be my kids’ home. So I’ll do my best to preserve what it means to be Bajan. So yea… I’ll fight.

Doesn’t matter which politician tries to kill us with taxes which are nothing but solid waste; It doesn’t matter how much seasons it takes to build a hotel; How much you rob and trick us with gas prices; How many fake tribunals get set up; How much garbage comes from crop over; How many hospitals are not in crisis even tho’ they are… and most importantly? It doesn’t matter which politician tries to muzzle who. Every effort to silence an Omar shows how just how much public opinion scares you and will bring another voice… and another… and … another.

So, yea… I’ll fight

Even tho’ its not against a foreign enemy. It’s against my fellow countrymen, our own countrymen and this saddens me, to have to fight against politicians who pretend to care… and chairmen of boards who line their own pockets… members of those boards who just there to get whet they can get… corporate communications specialists trained to bullsh*t the public… and even worse… my fellow poor Bajan just like me. It hurts me every time I open my mouth to make noise on our behalf, not mine… OUR behalf… and someone asks me why I don’t mind my own business… why I looking for fame…why I wasting my time… if my @$$ biting me.

None the less, its not enough to stop me. As long as I have a mind, I have a voice? I will keep noise, and I invite all of you to do the same. We the people of this country have a voice louder than any Prime Minister… any Minister of Finance… any Governor General… any FCIB… any LIME… but we need to speak together.

One voice is enough to muster a shout… thousands of voices can bring thunder.

I’m not sure we have much Pride and Industry left… but we have each other and I have faith in us… the people. We are all that we have… we are all that’s left, and I know that we can make this work. I know we can replace the fake Anxiety, Distress and Annoyance… with real Contentment, Calmness and Satisfaction… Go back to the proud nation we should be. I’ll say this to every single Member of Parliament in this Government of Barbados… and your yardfowls that do your bidding.

Dr Philf - IIL48

You may break our backs… but you will never break our spirits.

Happy Independence Day to every non politician, non partisan yardfowl… enjoy what’s left of your night. May you sleep well tonight knowing that there is still hope. Not the politically poisoned, corned beef and biscuit hope that our sleeping colossus offered today… Actual hope.

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