Hamlet in Barbados & now? First Black Iago: Game Of Thrones Actor Secures Role As one of Bard’s Most popular villains

GAME OF Thrones star Lucian Msamati has made history by becoming the Royal Shakespeare Company‘s first black actor to play the character of Iago in the company’s staging of Othello.

Msamati will be starring alongside Holby City actor Hugh Quarshie who will take on the lead role of Othello.

Msamati is more famously known for his role as mercenary Salladhor Saan in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

Msamati is more famously known for his role as mercenary Salladhor Saan in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

Traditionally, white actors have played the role of Iago as racism is an underlying theme in the famous work by celebrated playwright William Shakespeare.

The casting has raised questions of how the racism dynamic will be presented with both leads played being black men.

However, the company’s artistic director Gregory Doran has acknowledged the challenge admitting it could make Othello a very different play.

“I know when I was watching it [in workshop] with a really good white Iago opposite Hugh I was thinking right, yes, I’ve seen this before terrific. But with Lucian, every line became freshly minted and it challenged the whole play in a way I found completely revelatory.

It may be a completely crazy idea but I think it’s worth pursuing because in the end, as you watch it, you just watch two really, really good actors doing it and that is the major issue.”

Other variations of the play include a 1997 production in which Othello was casted as a white man, played by X-Men star Patrick Stewart and the remaining members of the cast as African-American actors.

Quarshie has long been tipped for the role with the director admitting he had been trying to get him to play the lead for nearly 10 years. {READ THE BALANCE OF THIS ITEM BY CLICKING HERE: DATA COURTESY – VoiceOnlineUK}

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