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Social Media Warning from Royal Barbados Police Force

Social Media Warning from Royal Barbados Police Force

Bertie Hinds 0051

Police alert: Beware of persons coming to your homes saying they’re there to change your phones. Last seen in Carters Gap Christ Church Barbados on Thursday 17th April 2014. They travel in pairs with one dressed in overalls as though he will climb the pole and have a box in his hand. They’re between the ages of late 20’s and 30’s. If seen in the area do not open the door, call your nearest police station & call all your neighbours. PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS

(Please note this was received by a colleague of Insp. Welch, this is all I can say)

David Welch - Insp. Public Relations Officer
David Welch – Insp.
Public Relations Officer

The Royal Barbados Police Force has not issued any alert about two men dressed in overalls going to houses claiming they were there to ‘change phones’ as is being said on social media.

At this time, we cannot substantiate this claim because we have not received any reports to date.

However, we do advise persons that they should always be on their guard to visitors to their home representing companies.

Persons should request the identification of the visitors and should not readily open their doors.  And, if they are in any doubt, they should make contact with the Police, with the company the visitors purport to represent. But DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR.

We appeal to any person who has encountered these men, to report the matter to the Police immediately on our hotline, 211 or to the nearest police station.

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