WARNING – If you’re looking for all that happened sequentially in January, February, etc. then forget it… This is not that kind of reflection, this is a Tally based on Social Media voting, esp. Facebook shares and likes, or actual hit-counts depending on their nature. The trophies are mainly subjective and based on what stayed on my head through the year ’til now! So? Away we go!

Youtube Videos – Runaway Category: Barbados Elections 2013

  • (BRONZE) “Report To The Nation” 30/01/2013 Bay Street – Freundel Stuart attacks Noel Lynch


  • (SILVER) Barbados Labour Party at Heroes’ Square 18/01/2013 – Owen Arthur speaks with Flu in Rain #2


  • (GOLD) Barbados Labour Party at Heroes’ Square 18/01/2013 – Mia Mottley asks folk to Save Barbados!


Prophetic Savvy Lexicographer Award of 2013:

If you're being a silver tongued devil while trying to score a new cellphone, should you really go insulting the media? (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

If you’re being a silver tongued devil while trying to score a new cellphone, should you really go insulting the media? (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

  • Christopher Sinckler, MP & Finance Minister at Kensington Oval, April 2013 at launch of FAS Entertainment’s Reggae Festival (actual words, his quip) – probably wishes he could suck back his remark now?

Rice Paper Epidermis Award – 2011, 2012 to Present

3 way Tie: Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS)  who ‘forgets‘ me for about 3 weeks when I take an item from their daily eMail releases and use them as a basis for a spoof or satire of the day, until they figure I’ll be a good boy? Yeah, right! Right now, I am in a safe period…

L to R: Late Simon Foster, model, along with Peter Bowen as snapped by Rosemary Parkinson

L to R: Late Simon Foster, model, along with Peter Bowen as snapped by Rosemary Parkinson

West Indies Players Association (WIPA) who left me off their mailing list ever since I asked how often do they elect their officers, since it appears as if Dinanath Ramnarine is forever their President and Main Spokesperson, plus I have had articles from them when I show via pictorial history, how maybe-just-maybe chief personnel in WIPA could be more open for negotiation? Have not heard from them since 2011!

Next time I see June Fowler, I must ask her what became of this Patrick Stewart look-alike?

Next time I see June Fowler, I must ask her what became of this Patrick Stewart look-alike?

Barbados Investors and Policyholders Association (BIPA) has shied from me since 2012 when I proved how a former Deputy PM advised them get their money fast – everyone in the executive knew I came to record the sessions, but when I delivered the bombshell of Philip Greaves speaking against his own party (his wife is Sir David Simmons’ sister) I was given a formal eMail banning from future gatherings and sent sporadic releases which evaporated once their PRO retired and operates from the Caymans now… When a certain Finance Minister equated their seemingly perpetual chair to a felidae afflicted with alopecia I wanted to laugh and just ignore it, but it led to a viral Meme!

Top Ten Facebook Shared Stories for MMXIII (2013 for those who forgot Latin)…

17 Shares: December 2013 – Documentary of Art exhibition at Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown running to 16th January 2014.

20 Shares: December 2013 – A thumbnail scrutiny of Bajan film, theatre and entrepreneurship to fight the growing fiscal ennui gripping this rock.

21 Shares: February 2013 – The travesty that was General Elections in February, when either ruling DEM’s or opposing Bees could have looked at issues like Cost Of Living, VAT, or CLICO… Instead it was who had the most childish insult to their lips or who was nastier on Facebook (You remember those FireFreundel videos?Moreanon!)

24 Shares: February 2013 – Mia Mottley restored to Opposition Leader of Barbados, with MP of St Peter, Owen Arthur, not present as the 13 remaining members agreed between them selves to turn the clock back to 2010 as it were…

26 Shares: September 2013 – I genuinely felt Barbados was going to turn back like 1937 and riot all over except the rebels then would be the same rebels now, this stale and much-repeated TV serial suddenly halted about 12 weeks ago and many suspected the shipment was due to a lack of funds, which is a harbinger of Barbados’ genuine fiscal state…

31 Shares: Britain’s first diplomatic mission in Port-au-Prince since 1966, it is co-located with the premises of the Canadian Embassy, is another step in the UK’s plan to expand its diplomatic network overseas, especially Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a regular FCO release, but this statement even got a comment?

49 Shares: When a son loves his father ’til he decides to change his given name to be Toby Jr you know parenting was done right, a former colleague at SSA left us behind in January and this is his son’s moving eulogy.

  • #3 Freundel Stuart (Are you truly surprised?) 3 Appearances

Aggregate {52 Shares} All in less than 2 weeks of each other – the first was in late August and examined which people or entities Freundel Stuart would want their true identity; the second was 7th Sept. and via the Photo Captions gave a stark scrutiny of his Non-Appearance at the rebranding of a Financial Centre in Warrens; while the 3rd ranked appearance (he has many other cameos throughout the year, but these were the most popular) was his visit to the Barbados Olympic Association when it seemed like he tried to avoid the media grilling him over any significant matters?

69 Shares: For me, it was fun to see why I created this website come to pass, here’s a good news item and it’s about Art and it is actually the penultimately popular item for 2013! It proves that you do NOT have to bleed to lead not follow every Government Minister every time they blow their nose, this is a local Facebook community group donating to the Barbados National Library – Excelsior, guys! 😉

104 Shares: By far the ‘runway‘ hit of 2013, this iconic designer left us very suddenly and unexpectedly in July, the eulogies from family and close pals drew 11 genuine comments on a site where cowardly anonymity is not condoned – this story is like 4 Weddings & A Funeral in that is funny, bittersweet, human and sad yet hopeful for the future simultaneously ‘Your glitterball is the firmament. One last comment, which only our siblings and mother who is still with us will understand… “Happy days, Son!”’

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