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  1. 2014 CTUSAB New Year’s Message from President Cedric H. Murrell

    At the start of the year 2014, the island of Barbados faces one of the biggest challenges in its short history as an independent nation, as it attempts to stave off the fallout from the global economic recession, which threatens to undermine and retard its growth and development. As the people of Barbados continue to […]

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  2. CDEMA Pledges Further Support to Impacted States Following Fact-Finding Mission

    During 28th – 29th December 2013, the CDEMA CU led a series of fact-finding missions to the countries of Dominica, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and Grenadines, recently impacted by heavy rains. The eight-member technical team from the Eastern Caribbean Development Partners Group on Disaster Management (ECDG DM) was led by the Executive Director of […]

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  3. Healing through Cultural Fashion and Beauty

    Isis Brantley of Dallas, Texas is a style influencer and the recent recipient of the “Nzuri 100 Carat Diamond Award” for pioneering natural hair care; and being a trailblazer for over 20 years in the natural hair care industry. Isis was recently awarded during the Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Festival’s 100 Carat Diamond […]

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    WARNING – If you’re looking for all that happened sequentially in January, February, etc. then forget it… This is not that kind of reflection, this is a Tally based on Social Media voting, esp. Facebook shares and likes, or actual hit-counts depending on their nature. The trophies are mainly subjective and based on what stayed […]

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  5. Barbados Attorney General Loses Cool: Right & Wrong Way to Handle Media

    Among the many fumbles this Government has performed over 2013 was how it handles visitors who may or may not be of a suspicious nature… Specifically, in finally losing the Shanique Myrie case that was brought before Caricom’s Court of Justice (to replace London’s Privy Council which does not use wig & robes but suit […]

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  6. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 2: Goodbyes, UK High Commissioner becomes a Daddy!

    H.E. Brummell’s tour of duty with England’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office goes back decades, when he started as an Assistant stationed in Pakistan!

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  7. “Barbadian Unions: Not Focussed & Are Distracting The Country With Wrong Issue” by Henderson Bovell

    While the public and workers’ interest require them to be focussed and to have the capacity to take a rifled and clinical approach towards representation and providing sound leadership on issues of urgent public importance – trade unions are allowing themselves to serve as a senseless distraction for the country. Barbados has a weak Government […]

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  8. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 2: MMXIII Bonehead, Vol. II

    Why did I get so annoyed? Considering how Payless Shoes also in Hastings is the exact opposite – when I shopped there… They ASKED did I have my Discount Number, I said I forgot it home, so they told me if I call it up on my phone, then they can redeem it via BlackBerry! Where […]

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  9. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 2: Goodbyes, from Digicel Barbados to Digi Jamaica! December 31, 2013Photo Gallery, TechnologyNo comments
  10. Barbados Concorde Experience will host 5th Girlfriends Expo in Feb. 2014

    These ladies kick it hard, whether it’s Sex In The City or London-themed… Keeping strong, Girlfriends Expo remains at the Barbados Concorde Experience and draw new sponsors along the way as well as new partners… Signature 78, Scotiabank, Irie Jam internet radio, popular insurance brokerage ICBL, IGM lighting as well as Jet Blue are part […]

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  11. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 2: MMXIII Boneheads, Vol. I

    Aiding & Abetting Award for 2013, as in… Seriously? No Bajans could waltz into the UK’s Stonehenge and deface it, if the Bobbies don’t hold us, their Druids will! This is when Bajan Media should be held accountable, not exaggerated charges to prevent further investigation of genuine targets of potential skulduggery! ‘The historic baobab tree in […]

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  12. Body of a man discovered at Welches, Ch. Ch. – near Oistins Beach

    Police are investigating the unnatural death of Jason Stephen McCarter, 28 years, of Parish Land, Christ Church. The body was semi-clad in a dishevelled shirt and pair of shorts, and no marks of violence were seen. David Welch – Insp. Public Relations Officer

    December 31, 2013CrimeNo comments
  13. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Red Pill or Blue Pill? Why not Both? Ask Dominican Republic…

    The claim was Rihanna could not transfer her gear in time to play here, yet the same weekend she not only watched Snoop Dogg in Santo Domingo, she also played there… How far is the Dominican Republic from Barbados? More Photo Awards, this afternoon!

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  14. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Sweet Community Spirit December 31, 2013Health, Photo GalleryNo comments
  15. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Steve Austin Bionic Trophy December 31, 2013Cartoons, Photo GalleryNo comments
  16. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Goodbyes, Phil Culligan December 31, 2013Photo Gallery, TravelNo comments
  17. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Hairless Feline Award

    This happened when a ruling Candidate insulted the Chair of an NGO whose only crime was attempting to recover funds deposited in a near-defunct insurance Brokerage…

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  18. Scotiabank donates EC$100,000 in relief funds for the Eastern Caribbean

    Scotiabank today pledged EC $100,000 (BBD$74,000) to support the islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica as they continue the recovery efforts in the wake of the recent storm. “We recognize that the effects of the recent storm are far reaching and our thoughts are with the people of St. Lucia, […]

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  19. Michele Henderson invites you ‘Home’ – Dominican singer eyes global market with new album

    After five years, Dominican musical ambassador Michele Henderson returns with her latest musical endeavour- Home (Chez Moi); a world music album she plans to promote to global markets via online distributor Believe Digital. A combination of the first and last song titles, the album fulfills a the two-fold purpose of highlighting her birthplace Dominica as […]

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  20. 2013 second deadliest year for journalists: List of most dangerous countries remains virtually unchanged

    With at least 117 journalists killed, 2013 was the second deadliest year on the International Press Institute (IPI)’s Death Watch, which started systematically counting work-related journalist deaths in 1997. The worst year was 2012, with 132 killed, 39 alone while covering the Syrian conflict. As IPI noted last month, impunity for attacks on journalists remained a […]

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  21. Cinema, Theatre & Pop Culture in 2013 for Barbados: how far and how crucial to economy?

    This year proved significant for Barbados in some positive ways and if paid the correct attention, can be a Way Fwd from the current fiscal morass we’re enduring… Culture in the form of Theatre, Cinema and the new venue of Cosplay can be serious avenues of Entrepreneurship which can teach our MP’s a thing or […]

    December 29, 2013Cinema, ReviewNo comments
  22. Belated Shopping? Not to worry, be it Barbadian books or economical wheels? There are Ideas!

    This year has been one most Bajans would rather forget, 2013 seems an apt number in that Barbados went through bad luck like we had 20 Friday 13th’s! As such, many Christmasses in Bim would be sparser than Mother Hubbard’s cupboard… If you missed your chance at an iPad or iPhone in February to hoard as […]

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  23. Barbados Museum bids Farewell to MMXIII but not before creating Next Generation of Curators and Publishing 80th Journal

    Our hearts go out to Castries, Roseau & Kingstown after their horrific Christmas, but it begs a few questions… Among them? If you knew a storm was swiping near Barbados and you had enough time to store precious antiques, do you know it has to be arranged in a particular way or you may lose […]

    December 29, 2013Books, Education1 comment
  24. What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Let Colombian Emeralds help: Visit our sister branches – Pandora & Jeweler’s Warehouse! December 29, 2013Fashion, Photo GalleryNo comments
  25. What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Let Colombian Emeralds help: Ground Floor – Cave Shepherd, Vista, Crane, Broad Street & Sunset Crest December 29, 2013Fashion, Photo GalleryNo comments