By day Hédoné works on maneuvers and tactics for the British Army, by night he was working on an entirely different kind of operation!

"Even husbands and wives are strangers." (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

Even husbands and wives are strangers.” (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

Candra leads an ordinary life, typical of an average thirty-something mother and housewife. But when night falls, she escapes from life’s restraints through online dating sites, fulfilling endless fantasies. Inviting dangerous men and their extreme fantasies into her home, Candra’s wildest sexual needs are played out under the watchful eye of her husband who allows her to explore her sexuality. He loves this secret life he shares with Candra, relishing the arousal he experiences when he sees how other men are infatuated by his wife. And Candra craves it. Over the years, her exploits with strangers have become an addiction for the couple, sharing a knowledge and a soul-altering symphony when she has her “meets.”

That’s until Candra is brought together with Fabién – a mysterious lover who promises to fulfil all her deepest desires if she commits one thing to him, something he believes she hasn’t shared with anyone else, not even her husband: her sexual soul. Fabién wants and needs complete emotional and physical control, but his love for eloquent, flowery words may prove to be his downfall in pursuing the one person who seems capable of understanding and responding to his dark desires.

Illicit Lover is the erotically charged fantasy of two strangers who meet online, and embark on a passionate and twisted affair that spirals towards an unexpected finale. Hédoné‘s first novel explores the provocative themes of power, emotion and desire, while balancing on the tight rope of an explicit romance. Both Fabién and Candra represent a generation of ‘online daters‘ and the book offers a glimpse into the world of erotic online fantasy and sexual delights millions of people across the globe have come to know and enjoy. Illicit Lover shows the depth of which one will go to fulfil sensual and sexual desires, proving sex is more than just a physical act or commitment, especially in marriage. Illicit Lover explores the psychological side to sex, offering readers a darker, deeper and unknown side of sexual desire.

  • About the author: Hédoné was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados. He moved to the UK to train as a soldier and now serves in the British Army, based in London. Illicit Lover is Hédoné’s debut novel, for which the emotions behind sex and the hidden, dark desires of eroticism are explored through his passion for writing. Hédoné is currently working on his next book The Pleasure House of Darkness which is due to be released at the end of the year. Illicit Lover by Hédoné (published by RRP £3.49) is available online now from all major ebook retailers including
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