Karaoke at Discover Flow Barbados: Where is Facebook Page?

The crowd was gripped since most of those competing for a 46" Flat Screen TV were no slouches!

The crowd was gripped since most of those competing for a 46″ Flat Screen TV were no slouches!

Many of you have been trying to locate Flow Barbados for rates – but it has vanished on Facebook, when Bajan Reporter sought to ascertain what was the reason, sources at the telecoms provider indicated the following;-

Discover Flow Barbados‘ facebook page is down once again; this is the second time in a week that someone had our site removed.

In trying to find a new name, we realized that someone has also been taking the domain names that resemble Flow Barbados and Flow World. This leaves us to believe that that we are the victim of some kind of cyber squatting with Facebook domain but we are not letting that stop us.”

Nevertheless, Flow’s Twitter remains active @flowbarbados, it seems someone or something is feeling threatened … sour grapes or what? What is is the old adage when you’re handed bitter fruit? Lemonade or some other juice? Hmm!

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  1. Wondered what happened to Flow’s FB page, I have been trying to get through to them for a few days, and it seems that all of the email addresses that appear, on Columbia’s website, Flow website and on the old Discover the Flow Barbados FB page are not working. All I get back are undeliveable messaages. Anyone have an email address for them that works?

  2. https://twitter.com/flowbarbados Flow provides Telecommunications, Internet, Voice and TV services and Solutions to Customers in Barbados. We provide Wireless Internet connectivity, VPN services, Integrated Video conferencing solutions, VOIP solutions and IPTV solutions. http://discoverflow.co/barbados


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