{EDITOR’S NOTEThis is an ongoing and progressively ugly battle, therefore in the interests of clarity, fair-play and correct journalistic standards, we now submit Mr Nelson’s comments as a separate article from Ms Byars’ scathing rebuff, which can be located via clicking n relevant highlighted URL’s in this Open Letter. Be it known that Mr Nelson has been a regular contributor to Bajan Reporter, as a journalist and as a Marketing Manager, now as a college student per se}

Dear All,

I have decided to make this information public as I have recognized that Ms. Evangeline Byars continues to attempt at destroying my credibility and character.

Asked to write letters fabricating allegations

Evangeline Byars has embarked on a destructive and unprofessional campaign where she seeks to destroy the character and credibility of persons for enjoyment and pursuit of her personal and selfish desires.

As a professional journalist with some 17 years' experience, I had ventured to MEC with two primary objectives which were to conduct an exclusive interview with President William Pollard and also to explore studying at MEC.
As a professional journalist with some 17 years’ experience, I had ventured to MEC with two primary objectives which were to conduct an exclusive interview with President William Pollard and also to explore studying at MEC.

However, after recognizing that there was a need for articles I sought the permission of Ms. Byars to pen some articles which she readily agreed to. Things started off fairly nice. Shortly after Evangeline Byars approached me, she disclosed that she was assisting Professor Major Owens in being selected as the interim President of MEC because he would like to get the position so that he can ‘help out black people‘. She indicated that once he gets the position that she along with Camille McIntosh and Jamal Nicholas were going to get very good jobs. She also stated that while Jamal and her share similar desires in going to law school, she was more interested in working preferably as an advisor to the professor.

One evening I was asked by Ms. Byars to visit Professor Owens office where he immediately inquired if I knew the reason I was coming to see him. I told him no. He gave me a poster which sought to promote him as the Interim President for MEC. He then said that this poster should be viewed as coming from the students and therefore he needed my help. I was asked to visit Evangeline where she would inform me better.

I subsequently returned to Ms. Byars where she said that they needed my help in drafting two letters one of which seeks to make very serious and damaging allegations against President Pollard, while the second was geared towards getting CUNY’s help in making Professor Owens the Interim President. I immediately asked Evangeline what allegations and statements she wanted to be made and after she told me what they were, I informed her that I was not interested in destroying anyone’s character and integrity with lies and false information.

Ms. Byars not satisfied with my decision informed me that should I write the letters, she would ensure that Professor Owens rewards me handsomely. I then stated to Ms. Byars that I will not engage in lies, unethical or unprofessional acts.

Grades being given freely

I inquired from Ms. Byars why she was so determined to get rid of President Pollard. I pointed out that it was evidently affecting her grades due to the fact that she was unable to complete assignments in a timely manner and also to properly study for exams. She indicated that she was being funded by Professor Owens and a few other persons including Dr. Brenda Greene. She also stated that a few of her professors were willing and had assisted her in enhancing her grades so as to ensure that she met the required grade point average.

I told Ms, Byars that this was not a good sign and reflected terribly on the College that grades were being given freely to students. She indicated that it was a long standing ‘thing’ that occurred at MEC and I should not focus on it as it benefited both sides of the fence.

She however had expressed anger over the fact that one lecturer had given her a F instead of a B that she had requested as she needed certain grades to ensure that she stayed in Student Government as well as to run for a Student Government position the following semester. She said that the lecturer had given her an F despite the fact that she explained that she was busy trying to get rid of President Pollard which she credited for affecting her grades. She quickly stated that it is clear the aforementioned Professor is on Pollard’s side.

Publication of Adafi

After I had expressed my deep and serious concerns over the level and content of several articles published in the ADAFI newspaper I was told that Professor Owens backed by a few other persons had played a key part in the rebirth of Adafi. According to Ms. Byars the newspaper was restarted with the primary and only objective to get rid of the President and the Provost.

When I pointed out to Ms. Byars that this was not the primary objective and or function of a media house she blatantly told me that was her primary focus and if I had any issues I was free to leave. I immediately sought an audience with Professor Owens. While not stating that he had no interest in what I had to say indicated that he was busy and despite leaving an email contact with him to get back in touch with me I have never heard from him.

However, Ms. Byars had stated that Professor Owens had informed her that he was getting personally involved in getting rid of President Pollard because he wanted the job and because of the fact that President Pollard was from “down south” and was not a New Yorker.

She said the Professor was helping to finance Adafi and nothing would be used to make President Pollard or anyone that supported him look good.

She subsequently informed me that Pierre Oasis had conducted an interview with President Pollard and with the instructions of Professor Owens they were told not to publish the article. As such, the article was never published. I pointed out to Ms. Byars that it was not professional to do such a thing and therefore they should apologize to the President as it can be considered as being highly unprofessional. Ms. Byars told me that my role was to write and not ask further questions. I then told her that with such an environment it would be very difficult for anyone to progress.

Camille McIntosh proposed meeting with President Pollard

Camille McIntosh had indicated to Evangeline Byars after it was made public that President Pollard was resigning, that she would like to meet with President Pollard. She told Ms. Byars that while they had pushed for his resignation she had recognized that he had made significant positive contributions to MEC. She had told Ms. Byars that looking back at the campaign against him she felt guilty that she had played a part in his resignation and she had sought to meet with him in an effort to discuss some issues that she had.
Camille McIntosh had indicated to Evangeline Byars after it was made public that President Pollard was resigning, that she would like to meet with President Pollard. She told Ms. Byars that while they had pushed for his resignation she had recognized that he had made significant positive contributions to MEC. She had told Ms. Byars that looking back at the campaign against him she felt guilty that she had played a part in his resignation and she had sought to meet with him in an effort to discuss some issues that she had.

Ms. Byars told her that Professor Owens and Dr. Greene would not be comfortable and happy with such a meeting. Ms. Byars subsequently said that she had instructed Ms. McIntosh not to meet with President Pollard. Professor Owens had stated that should she disobey such an order they would no longer support her bid to be the Student Government President and as such, they would support Jamal Nicholas bid.

However, Ms. Byars said that she later found out from inside sources that Ms. McIntosh had indeed met with President Pollard. This led to Professor Owens calling an immediate meeting where he instructed Ms. McIntosh that no support would be given to her to run as SGA President. He indicated that Jamal Nicholas should run as the President as he would be much easier to control than Ms. McIntosh adding that if Ms. McIntosh wanted she can still run on Jamal’s slate but in a lesser position.

I subsequently asked Evangeline Byars what was really happening on campus as it seems that she took instructions from Professor Owens. She indicated that Professor Owens can make anything happen on campus. She went on to say that she got assistance in motivating students adding that at the walk out and protest that took place last semester which she and Professor Owens had organized with assistance from Dr. Greene, they had gotten significant assistance from a number of persons who were not students. Many of the protestors were not students of the school but were encouraged to come and join the protest thus creating the impression that they were students.


I further call for an investigation into what can possibly be considered as questionable with regards to checks paid to Adafi. Ms. Byars had informed me that in order to garner monies they would inflate invoices while they would also submit invoices in other people’s names for services so as to get money for themselves. When I told Ms. Byars that this is considered unprofessional and unlawful she said that they were very careful in doing this and besides there are other persons from the school who are getting rich.

One such incident occurred when a check from the school was given to Jamal Nicholas to pay for services, however; Ms. Byars was very angry when Jamal had deposited the check into his account instead of cashing it. She stated that because of this they were being delayed in using the money and she stressed that this was affecting her in completing her registration as she owed the school some money and wanted to use part of this money to pay what she owed.

Nicholas was expected to make some purchases of ink and other things for the office but he had stated that by depositing the check directly into his account he had to wait for a few days. She subsequently told him that had he cash the check directly they would have had the money.

Request for Layout Artist to inflate Invoice

In trying to bring a professional lift to the newspaper Ms. Byars informed me that she needed someone to do graphic designs and layout temporally as the school was paying for five to six students to take a Graphic Design course. She said that after completion of this course they would be able to do the newspaper themselves. I told her that while I can secure the services of someone to do the layout of the newspaper he would require payment for his services.

She said that she would like for him to inflate the invoice. I asked her why would she want him to inflate his invoice and she indicated that it was geared towards creating another avenue to garner revenue to help run Adafi and also to get her newspaper business started. In explaining the newspaper business she said that she was starting a Brooklyn Community Young People centered newspaper geared at highlighting the positive things being done by young people in Brooklyn. She noted that she did not have the money to get things started but heading Adafi she has found ways of getting money to start the business. One such way was attempted to get the layout artist to inflate his invoice. I explained that I do not feel comfortable asking someone to do such a thing and knowing my friend he wouldn’t either.

She subsequently informed me that she had gotten a student who attends the college to do the layout but to ensure that the school does not suspect anything she asked him to use his small business name. I told her that she has to be careful with such transactions as it doesn’t sit well and can lead her into trouble. She said that he owns a business and no one can ever find out that she asked him to inflate his invoice.

I am not sure how it went but what I know is that she was able to secure his services in the layout of the newspaper. I subsequently found out that to distract persons who may have gotten suspicious as to her actions she claimed that I wanted $400.00 to pay the layout artist that I knew. This was not true, at no time had I discuss a cost with Ms. Byars since my contact could not have made a determination with regards to the cost as he did not have sufficient information to provide a quotation.

Campaign to get rid of CUNY Chancellor

Ms. Byars said that they were beginning a campaign to get rid of the CUNY Chancellor because according to Professor Owens they seemed reluctant to appoint him as the Interim President. She noted that because of the perception by several students about Professor Owens it would be very difficult to have a petition done to mobilize for him to be the Interim President. She pointed out that riding on the success of getting President Pollard to resign it was now easy to start a similar campaign against the Chancellor of CUNY.

I must admit that my information on this is somewhat limited due to the fact that after I had indicated to both Professor Owens and Ms. Byars that their approach of tarnishing someone’s character and reputation was unprofessional and unfair I have ceased communications with them. I had requested from Professor Owens his assistance in pointing out to Ms. Byars that she cannot be engaged in such acts and he told me that he saw nothing wrong with what she had written in the newspaper.

Kevin Adams

Ms. Byars said that she was able to secure the full support of Kevin Adams on her side as he now had a personal axe to grind with the President. She informed me that Mr. Adams acted in a position for a period of time and subsequently someone else got the job despite the hard and dedicated work that he had put in. Because of this Ms. Byars said that Mr. Adams had told her that he was prepared to support whatever she was doing against President Pollard as he wanted President Pollard out also.

In deciding the names of persons who were going to be honored with Adafi awards she informed me that in writing the article I should not mention Kevin Adams name as she wanted it to look like a surprise award being given to him thus not attracting any suspicion. She said that this was important as she didn’t want President Pollard and others to suspect that Kevin Adams has a close relationship with Adafi. She said that similarly Dr. Brenda Greene was providing assistance and services to Adafi but had instructed her not to make it known publicly as it would have created some conflict of interest.

She said that whenever they needed financial support and assistance Kevin Adams along with Camille McIntosh told them how to ‘beat the system’ thus ensuring that they encountered no difficulties in securing the assistance and support. She also stated that she had a long meeting with Kevin Adams and she informed him that she was going to honor him but wanted the information to remain confidential. She subsequently said some days after that she was not sure if she was going to proceed with honoring Mr. Adams as it seems as though his support was not consistent and she believes that he might be secretly reaching out to President Pollard and furthurmore if she found out that he was getting close to President Pollard she would strike his name off of the list of awardees.

Sexual Harassment Claims

Ms. Byars while accusing me on 27th February in front of the S Building at Medgar Evers College of sexual harassment said that I have been telephoning two female students from Adafi. I inquired from her the names of these two students and she said they were Feona Williams and Valerie Arthur.

I pointed out that I had written a feature article on Feona so how could I have been sexually harassing her, she answered that I was calling Feona very late and very early at nights and mornings respectively. Let me state for the record that I never telephone Feona as my phone records would show that I never telephoned her, however; her telephone records would indicate that it was her who had telephoned me on two separate nights.

The first night that she called me was sometime after 1:00 am to discussed the article. I also interviewed her via telephone. She had also related some issues that she was experiencing confidentially to me among other things. The second night she called was around the same time, seeking my advice and help in an issue that she was facing and also my help with some school related work. On both nights that we spoke she had telephoned me as I never called her. I would therefore like to know how am I sexually harassing her when I never called her. I have requested that my telephone records be examined to ascertain if I am telling the truth.

Secondly with regards to Valerie Arthur I have never called her and once again my telephone records can show this. She had requested my telephone number and I had given it to her. Some days after she said that she wanted to call me but misplaced my telephone number and informed me if I wanted hers and I indicated to her that I have difficulty remembering telephone numbers so it was better for me to give her mine again. I asked her what she wanted to talk about and she said that she was experiencing emotional difficulties and I told her that it was ok to call me.

Regarding allegations that I was sexually harassing Pierre Oasis I found those allegations very strange. After Ms. Byars ranted about me sexually harassing the aforementioned young ladies she told me that I was attempting to intimate Pierre because of his sexual orientation.

When Ms. Byars had spoken to me the very morning she was verbally assaulting and making damaging allegations she indicated that I had attempted to intimidate Pierre because of his sexual orientation. I had again informed her that I do not know Pierre’s number and while I did have his number I no longer have it as my phone was not working. I subsequently saw in an email that she had stated that I had sexually harassed Pierre. This is yet another lie as Pierre had asked me for my number and when I was giving it to him he had no pen and asked me to dial it so that he can save it in his phone. I did, and once again telephone records would show that I telephoned his number for approximately six (6) seconds. I subsequently received a text from Pierre a few days later which if carefully examined can be considered as an attempt to sexually harass me.

Allegations of being asked to leave SGA

In a continued rampage of lies being disseminated by Ms. Evangeline Byars she had stated that I was asked to leave SGA office. It is clear that she is attempting to create the impression that I was arrested and or asked by security to leave SGA. Let me state for the records that I visited SGA as I have friends who attend MEC and as such I had visited SGA as I needed their assistance in a matter that I was addressing.

It is clear that Evangeline Byars backed by a few students and others are bent on attempting to discredit, damage and stain my character and integrity in attempt to feed their personal and selfish desire. I am therefore, calling for an immediate and full investigation into all the allegations being made so that the public can ascertain who is actually lying.
It is clear that Evangeline Byars backed by a few students and others are bent on attempting to discredit, damage and stain my character and integrity in attempt to feed their personal and selfish desire. I am therefore, calling for an immediate and full investigation into all the allegations being made so that the public can ascertain who is actually lying.

I have sought the assistance of the police and the courts in addressing what many have agreed to is harassment for the claims that have been issued by Ms. Byars. For the record let me state some of them:

  • That I am living illegally in the United States – it is a clear lie as I am not living here illegally and while she shouted and kept repeating this I calmly requested that she desist as there is no bases of truth with regards to this allegation.
  • That she gave me $70.00 to complete my registration – This is not true. Why would she give me $70.00 when she herself was unable to register as she was experiencing financial difficulties? I never even applied to MEC.
  • That I told her I am from St. Kitts; Again a lie since I am from Guyana. On another note the father of her child is from St. Kitts and maybe she got the countries confused since we are all from the Caribbean.
  • She verbally threatened me in the presence of Pierre Oasis. She promised to destroy me and when I pointed out that this was a threat she told Mr. Oasis that he was a witness and he joined in the verbal abuse.

She kept pointing her fingers into my face and every time I attempted to walk away she attempted to prevent me from walking as she kept standing and blocking my path while hurling derogatory abuse at me.

She told me that she will destroy me. This is a threat which I take seriously as I do not understand the context in which she speaks and taking into account the increasing crime situation in the country I do not know if she was making death or injury threats through her statement.

She claims to have all the power on campus. She went on to say she will show me just how much power she has. She proceeded to speak to a security officer who I later asked for a phone call since I did not have a phone and he denied me the call. This also has given me cause for concern with Professor Owens. Being a lecturer at the school I do not know if he would attempt to discriminate or victimize me should I attempt registration at this campus.

This concern increased significantly as he saw the conduct of Ms. Byars but while he stopped to listen on and watch he didn’t attempt to lend any assistance or intervene in any way while he entertained Ms. Byars telling him her side of the story.

As I indicated that I am a professional journalist and the conduct and actions of Ms. Byars and Major Owens were highly unprofessional. Being an investigative journalist I am hereby now calling on the relevant authorizes to launch a thorough and immediate investigation into the actions and conduct of such persons. I could not believe that a person seeking a college education and more so the editor in chief of the school newspaper can be so uncouth. I was highly disgusted by the lack of professionalism and the lengths that these persons will go to in order to achieve their goal.

I am confident that some persons who are receiving this email know the true character of Evangeline Byars and Camille McIntosh and are also aware of these allegations.


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  1. Chinyere Egbe Avatar
    Chinyere Egbe

    You have other people in that whole group who have the kind of character that you described here. One of them is a professor in the School of Business who had made false and malicious allegations of sexual harassment, called the police and sued the University. She was rewarded with $200,000 in settlement by the University for her fraud. However, the accused professor (me) countersued and a jury found that she was lying and awarded millions of dollars in damages including punitive damages. In the end she coughed up more than twice what she received in a fraudulent settlement. Therefore, you should be careful calling these people on the phone. If you need it, I have a lot of research literature on false and malicious allegations like this.

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