2013 burke irie times

True Blue Weekend Soccerfest to be broadcasted live by IrieTimes.com

True Blue Weekend Soccerfest to be broadcasted live by IrieTimes.com

2013 burke irie times

Jamaica Alumni Soccer fans world-wide will have the ability to experience the True Blue weekend Soccerfest live as it is broadcasted on irieitmes.com. The Soccerfest broadcast will take place at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 16th, 2016 at the new Vizcaya Park in Miramar, Florida. Jamaican alumni who are scattered around the globe will be able to log online to see former school mates, chat online, exchange email addresses & phone numbers, and see live interviews.

Leroy "Dreamy" Riley, Irietimes.com
Leroy “Dreamy” Riley, Irietimes.com

“Last year’s live stream was extremely successful,” said Ron Burke, Irietimes.com programming director,”We are pleased to carry the Ziadie Cup again, live to the viewers around the world who could not attend the event.

IrieTimes.com provides news from the entertainment world with two of Jamaica’s stalwart journalists, Vinette K. Pryce and T. Boots Harris. With their radio and TV programming by The Musical Messiah and Ron Burke, IrieTimes.com provides a wide variety of music from the 50’s to today. The Irie Times provides listeners with the latest entertainment, news and best musical selections from the most talented DJs in South Florida. IrieTimes.com streams are available on the Android and iPhone.

Ron Burke, Irietimes.com
Ron Burke, Irietimes.com

The True Blue weekend is an expansion from the annual Ziadie Cup soccer match between The St. George’s College Old Boys Association of Florida, Inc. and The Jamaica College Old Boys Association of Florida, Inc. The annual match is in memory of Dennis Ziadie, who coached both schools to Manning Cup victories. This year will mark the 26th year of the death of Dennis Ziadie in a car crash in Mexico at the 1986 World Cup. Last year’s match drew over 1500 spectators and supporters.

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