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In the spirit of keeping family and friends connected to loved ones at home and abroad this Christmas, Digicel is giving Diaspora customers in the UK, the US and Canada the chance to win US $1,000 each week, for themselves – plus US $1,000 each week for their lucky family member or friend in participating countries back in the Caribbean.

The promotion – which runs until December 28th 2012 – gives Diaspora customers the chance to make it a very special Christmas when they send top-up to loved ones back home. To enter, Diaspora customers simply need to send US$10 or more of top-up to a Digicel customer in Guyana or Haiti – or a minimum of US$20 to a Digicel customer in Jamaica. Top-up can be purchased from any of the thousands of stores with the Digicel logo – or from www.digicelgroup.com – and both the sender and recipient are automatically placed in a weekly draw to win US$1,000, each.

{IMAGE VIAdominicanewsonline.com} Connecting loved ones abroad with their families in the Caribbean

There are twelve prizes up for grabs per participating market – bringing the total number of lucky winning customers to 36 this Christmas season. In addition, Digicel is hosting over 100 in-store promotions in outlets across the US, the UK and Canada in support of the Christmas offer.

Digicel Diaspora General Manager, Valérie Estimé, said; “At Digicel, we’re all about keeping our customers connected to their loved ones, whether they are at home or abroad – and this latest promotion is giving customers ‘a thousand reasons’ to do just that.

For Diaspora customers in the UK, the US or Canada, except Quebec, sending top-up to their loved ones in either Guyana, Haiti or Jamaica, the sender and the recipient of the credit are both automatically placed in a draw to win US$1,000 each – and ensure that this Christmas is even bigger and better,” continued Estimé.

Digicel offers a range of innovative products and services to Caribbean and Central American nationals living in the Diaspora. These include online top up – where customers can log on to www.DigicelGroup.com and top up or send minutes to people back home; retail top-up – where customers can go into any one of over 500,000 retail stores in the UK, Canada, the Caribbean and the USA and purchase Digicel top-up or send Digicel minutes to friends and relatives in their home country; and Digicel calling cards – where customers calling friends and family in Haiti and Jamaica can call home at competitive rates using minutes stored on the calling card.

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